Ultimate Gemstone

‘’Ultimate Gemstone = best indicator to accurately predict price movement based on momentum’’

This indicator is combination of multiple indicators ( RSI , Stoch , GM , Moving averages & CCI ) works on all the trading assets and time frames. Accurately predicts top and bottoms ( tested on all major crypto's, stocks and forex).

Comes with 6 different presets with different calculations giving additional flexibility to the user.

"Instructions How To Use"

This indicator is based on four different moving lines depicting momentum; first line (Aqua) is a fast trend line , which reacts rapidly to existing price action, second line (Purple) is slower and takes more price action into account, while third line (Yellow) is the slowest and depicts overall trend. Additionally, CCI / EMA moving line with changing color's (red/green) acts as a another trend confirmation tool.

The three moving lines acts as support and resistance depending on there location to each other. Non-moving parts include fibonacci support and resistance (68.2 & 38.2) areas of the oscillator. Different caution (Red, Green dots & background flashes) settings based on GM indicator to help identify perfect buying and selling opportunities. Additionally, the oscillator has oversold, overbought, bullish and bearish control zones similar to RSI / Stoch oscillators. Similar to RSI / Stoch divergences and trendlines do also work on this oscillator. Other ways to use is Aqua line crossovers with the Purple line, giving hard buy/sell signals and Aqua(fast) line turning (angle change) indicating momentum is reversing.

Example 1: When faster moving line gets pulled into the medium and slower line (especially in the overbought territory of the oscillator) gives you indication to be prepared as most likely the price will go down. Perfectly called Bitcoin top in 2017.

Example 2: BTC bottom in dec2018 and start of new trend in feb2019

Example 3 BTC Top in june2019

Example 4 works across all time frames, Recent BTC price action from 6500 to 7700.

Example 5 LINKBTC daily

Release Notes: Stochastics, RSI, Jewel & Wave Trend (Market Cipher) included now.
Release Notes: minor bug fixes
Release Notes: additional settings
Release Notes: additional fixes
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