Thistle ORACLE^ : Indicator

We coded one of the smartest in class Indicator that is a powerful trading tool to help magnify investment gains in practically any market.

Over 2 years of research and development testing our novel and simplified approach is based on two key features:
The ORACLE^ Circles that light up red or green, you won't have to worry about indecisive short or long trade entries.
The ORACLE^ Trend Line provides further confidence on market direction giving you a higher chance of executing a profitable trade, everytime.

  • A trend line is established using a calibration of Momentum Adusted Moving Averages, smoothed out exponentially with lazy reaction and then accelerated;
  • The trend line is treated with angle detection of moving average line to determine a trend momentum shift or false breakouts by coloring the lines Green (Bullish), Yellow (Neutral) or Red (Bearish);
  • Thereafter the candle sticks are analysed using their close, highs, lows, open, proportions to determine whether or not in relation to their peers in the trading range the next candle is likely bullish or bearish. These candles have an ORACLE^ Circle added in green below or red above;
  • Sustained Green circles above the trend line indicate a strong bullish momentum whilst a sustained run of 3 red circles below the trend line indicate strong bearishness of market;
  • The chart bars are colored to make visual analysis easier based on the circles and trend color;
  • There are other algorithmic calculations used that are proprietary giving this indicator an edge that not many exisitng tools achieve;
  • We coded a feedback range modelled from the Daily chart for the trend line to indicate potential resistance and support areas built on a predictive approach;
  • Trade everyday, weekends only or weekdays only. Written for cryptocurrencies or securities;
  • Added Weekly and Monthly Opens for easier decision making;

  • Works with over 10,000 market symbols
  • ORACLE^ Circles and Trend Line
    Clear and concise colored chart visuals, the only indicator you will ever need for trading.
  • ORACLE^ Circles
    Green is Bullish, Red is Bearish!
  • ORACLE^ Trend Line
    Market momentum, Green for Bullish, Red is Bearish, Yellow is undecided!
  • Support & Resistance Zones
    Ranges of bullish and bearish zones to mark resistance and support areas where market reversal is likely.
  • Alerts
    Create on-demand customer alerts for the ORACLE^ Circles or Trend Line and never miss a trade again. Supports Json message formats
  • Backtested
    Our Strateguy version already published allows you to backtest this indicator and we achieve an average of 75% win rate on most symbols.


"time": "{{timenow}}",
"exchange": "{{exchange}}",
"ticker": "{{ticker}}",
"order_action": "buy or sell",
"bar": {
"open": {{open}},
"high": {{high}},
"low": {{low}},
"close": {{close}},
"volume": {{volume}}

This engineering from our Thistle^ research labs is part of two Tradingview scripts released.
STRATEGY version: Thistle ORACLE^ : Strategy
INDICATOR version: Thistle ORACLE^ : Indicator
Release Notes:
Added 8 types of moving average lines type.
Release Notes:
Improved Oracle Circles.
Release Notes:
Minor Code improvements
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Improved accuracy in circles to greater than 80%.
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Improved trend reaction
Release Notes:
Trend Line accuracy improvements to 85%
Release Notes:
Improved trend
Release Notes:
Improved Trend line sensitivity and High Time Frame signals accuracy.
Release Notes:
Visual improvement.
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Unified signalling and json message integration

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Thistle AI^ Bot
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