5 min bot scalper

SAR signals (Parabolic and Lucid) combined with UT pivots , all filtered by the 200 MA. Golden and death crosses are also included to catch larger moves out-with long/short trends. These are filtered by my chop indicator to remove sideways signals.

This is designed for the 5 minute chart but may be useful elsewhere with some tweaking.

Alerts are included for long, short and exit signals.
Release Notes: Fixing error with MA alerts
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the chop filter is only showing red, not one green square.. Is there a setting i need to change?
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colinmck Mweiler
@Mweiler, the chop filter shown in this indicator is different from the stand-alone version I posted earlier this week. It's more advanced and shows when it's safe to trade. The filter in the 5 min script only shows when NOT to take a trade.
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Mweiler colinmck
@colinmck, ok that makes sense.. thanks
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rituidea73 colinmck
@colinmck, So when there are red square not to take the trade and when there is no red square,it is safe to take the trade right.?
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colinmck rituidea73
@rituidea73, Standalone version here with an explanation:
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hello dear Colinmck
I need the source of your bot scalper, to test something.
Can you give it to me?
Thank you for your art bot.
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capitalwarez ambahadorian57
@ambahadorian57, lmao of course it's an indian trying to scam xD
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Is a guide that shows what the different colors mean?
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Great indicator. What are the req squares at the bottom of the chart for?
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colinmck zpeach
@zpeach, Thanks! That's my chop indicator. It's used to identify areas of sideways trending. If there's a red square then it will filter out signals that would ordinarily appear during that time.
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