MTFT Actionable Signal Targets, TheStrat Suite (4of5)

Multi Time Frame Tools

Multi Time Frame Tools (MTFT) is a suite of scripts aimed to establish a standard timeframe-based color scheme. This can be utilized to overlay different timeframes calculations/values over a single timeframe. As one example, this would allow to observe the 5-month moving average, 5-week moving average, and 5-day moving average overlaid over each other. This would allow to study a chart, get accustomed to the color scheme and study all these at the same time much easier.

All indicators calculated using the below specific timeframes as input, will always use the color scheme outlined below. This is to get you in habit of recognizing the different timeframes overlaid in top of each other. These can be personalized.

Longer TF analysis.
Yearly - Black
Semi-Annual - Yellow
Quarterly - White
Monthly - Maroon
Weekly - Royal Blue
Daily - Lime

Shorter TF analysis.
4 hour - Fuchsia
1 hour - Orange
30 min - Red
15 min - Brown
10 min - Purple
5 min - Lilac

All color coordination is able to be modified in either the “Inputs” or “Style” section. If you need to make changes, make sure to select “Save as Default” on the bottom right of the settings menu.

Recommended Chart Color Layout
I played around with color coordination a lot. The final product was what worked best for me. I personally use the following chart settings to accent all available TF colors.
-> Click on the settings wheel on your chart. -> Click on “Appearance”.
Background - Solid -> On the top row pick the 6th color from the left.
Vert Grid Lines and Horz Grid Lines -> On the top row pick the 7th color from the left.
You may of course change these and the indicator line colors as you like.

Adding indicator to Chart
-> Open the TradingView “Indicators & Strategies” library, the icon has “ƒx”. -> All premium scripts will be located under “Invite-Only Scripts” -> Click indicator to add to your chart.

MTFT TheStrat Suite (5 Scripts)
Rob Smith is the creator of ‘TheStrat’ trading strategy. For ‘TheStrat’ I have put together a suite of 5 premium scripts that combined will offer people interested in learning ‘TheStrat’ a cleaner learning process. For 2 of the 5 scripts specifically, the MTFT approach of overlaying multiple longer timeframes(TF) over a shorter TF selected as a display cannot be utilized. The other 2 scripts will have full MTFT functionality and they are my personal favorite. I will be providing very basic info to utilize this script; it is up to you to dive deep into learning this strategy. I am not an expert with the tool or a financial advisor. As with all aspects of life, I recommend you research, learn, discern and practice extensively in order to become a master.

1. MTFT Patterns Pro/Noob
2. MTFT Full Time Frame Continuity Table
3. MTFT Last HML wOpen
*4. MTFT Actionable Signal Targets
5. MTFT Reversal Lines

MTFT Actionable Signal Targets, TheStrat Suite (4of5)
Plots the previous highs/lows for the selected timeframe. Will not plot the high/low for a candlestick that is still active/open. You will have to manually Enable/Disable the high/low depending on the type of actionable signal that you are observing. Previous high/low lines will start from the near exact time that it opened so you can see exactly from what previous candlestick you are tracking each target.

Features includes:
1. Six Different Timeframes per script instance. Example below shows a weekly timeframe selected with a Shooting Star as the actionable signal that is being considered along with the past 3 lows for the Week timeframe being enabled. These would be your targets if you were to enter this SHORT trade. Keep in mind that every new week that opens the script will update to the newest 3 lows so if you are still inside a trade you might have to increase the number of past lines in order to keep an eye on the original targets. Which is why I selected 3 in this example, even if there is only 2 targets in mind.
The script will allow you to observe how price moves after an actionable signal is triggered and as it approaches the targets on smaller timeframes. Here is the setup from above on a daily timeframe selected showing how priced moved to the targets. This is all based on Robs teachings, but broken down to better grasp how price moves between pivots.

2. 20 different TF to pick from per slot. Timeframes(TF) include: Yearly(Y), Semi-annually(S), Quarterly(Q), Monthly(M), 2-Week(2W), Weekly(W), 3-Day(3D), Daily(D), 12 hour, 8 hour, 6 hour, 4 hour, 3 hour, 2 hour, 1 hour, 30 min, 15 min, 10 min, 5 min. NOTICE: 2W, 3D, 2D, 12h, 8h, 6h, 3h, and 2h don’t have a supported color scheme as I do not personally use them. They are available to pick from in the timeframe selection and you can set a color for these timeframes under the “Unsupported Color Scheme” section in the settings menu for the script if you would like to use them.

3. Show exact price at the pivots. Since drawing lines vs plots doesn’t show the value in the price bar on the right side this setting will show the value of the targets. Image below shows an example of how this looks.

4. Auto-hide timeframes based on specific timeframes selected. For this script, I look for timeframes smaller than the selected timeframe and auto hide these. This applies to all timeframes. For example, in the above Weekly Shooting Star example. If I were to select the monthly timeframe it would hide this timeframe selected so would not show the weekly targets. In the higher timeframes these targets are irrelevant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the lessons I would consider most important in attaining clarity regarding trading, is “TheStrat” by Rob Smith. His lesson on “actionable signals” is something that can be applied to any strategy. For this reason, I am including “MTFT TheStrat Patterns Pro” script in all images that will depict confluence for a better trade selection.
Example using TheStrat Pro MTFT with this indicator.
Look for a “TheStrat actionable signal” or a “TheStrat Reversal signal” on a smaller timeframe that has an instance of this indicator on a larger timeframe calculation that is in range of the candlestick that formed your actionable signal. This means that the indicators plot you are observing must be above the low and below the high of the candlestick that is the actionable signal/reversal signal. Image below shows what this would look like with this indicator.
The Image below shows what this would look like with this indicator. The selected timeframe is the Weekly, it shows an ‘S’ char above which is an indication of a Shooting Star Actionable signal and the low from 4 months ago in range showing some potential resistance. This actionable signal is meant to be played for SHORTS. If the low is breached than you would enter a short. For targets you would look at the previous pivots, for this example all targets were hit. This wont always play out so nice and clean, but given that there is so many stocks and so many signals this is just a thought to improve the quality of the signal as it has extra confluence.
Release Notes:
Added Round function. Many tickers showed many extra decimal places. For anything that is not 'crypto' the value will be rounded to the nearest hundredths. For all 'crypto' there will be no rounding as longer decimal places are relevant.

Added feature to label the pivots as Entry/Targets. It will label the last closed CS for the selected TF as 'Entry' and all previous pivots as 'T' for Target, example, T1 for the high/low prior to the entry. Remember that as a new timeframe opens, these numbers will shift over and change in label.

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