5 Minute Trader

By request, this is an amalgamation of my most popular indicator features but tailored for lower timeframes.

Signals are generated by simple EMA crosses (with adjustable values) in the direction of the current trend and then validated against a scoring system that's comprised of 20 other indicators. When the majority of them agree then the trade can be taken. The tolerance score that permits a trade can be adjusted within the indicator preference panel and the values can be printed above/below the candle to help you tune your entry points.

To further reassure you, the smoothed candle direction from the 4 hour chart is printed in the background to validate the trend direction and a floating trade helper panel translates the scores in to practical terms (buy, sell etc)

Alerts are built in.

Note: This is a premium script. Please DM me for access.
Release Notes: Removing trades where the EMAs 10 & 200 cross
Release Notes: Adding new EMA defaults and the ability to move the helper panel
Release Notes: Improved signalling system
Release Notes: Replaced HTF background with current trend. More accurate and useful!
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hi can i have the accesses on trial basis
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Hello, can I use this script ?
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Hello, May I please have access to this? Thank you for making and sharing this!!
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Could I have access please. Thanks for your hard work
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Could I have access please?Thanks a lot,my brother!
Could I have access please. Thanks for your hard work
Can I have accesse?
Hey, can I get the access for script
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