PT Feeder - Market Trends Top 10 / BTC Moves

Becasue nobody was kind enough to post some PT Feeder scripts and i knew i could just modify my trends / btc script that i originally created for PT Magic. Well i just did it.

What is this script for ? PT Feeder it allows you to better imagine what kind of values you should be expecting when setting the Market Trends and BTC moves.

Green are top 10 Markets:
"MaxTopCoinLongTermAverageChange": "-3"
"MinBaseCoinPriceChange": "3",

Blue is BTC:
"MinBaseCoinLongTermPriceChange": "-3"
"MaxBaseCoinPriceChange": "3",

Why only 10 markets well becasue tradingview is very limited but it is still better than nothing.

If you like agree and follow !
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