Uber Kuskus Starlight [UTS]

General Usage

The Kuskus Starlight is a Zero-Line Indicator that produces signals based on zero line cross.

It is designed to offer traders the much needed information on trend direction. Just like the name suggests, the indicator produces starlight shaped bodies to form a slope that runs above or below the zero reference level.

Interestingly, the starlight shaped bodies are seen to alter their color between blue (when the starlight shaped bodies are above the zero reference level) and red (when the starlight shaped bodies are below the zero signal level).

Buy Signal

Buy Signal
Go long when the blue starlights get above the zero signal level.

Sell Signal
Go short when the red starlights go below the zero signal level.

Exit buy trade
Close all buy orders if while a bullish trend is ongoing, the Kuskus Starlight Indicator pops up a red starlight slightly below the zero level.

Exit sell trade
Close all sell orders if while a bearish trend is running, the Kuskus Starlight Indicator displays a blue starlight somewhat above the zero level.


Four different styles are available:

Original Starlight

Area Chart


Line Chart
Line Chart


The (alert-) signal generating line crosses can optionally be shown.


Traders can easily use the trend change signals to trigger alerts from:
  • Up Signal
  • Down Signal

Those values are > zero if a condition is triggered.
Alert condition example: "Up Signal" - "GreaterThan" - "0"
Release Notes: Changed default period to 10
Display fixes

Visit http://ubertradingsystems.com or send a direct message for information about indicator access.

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