Blockunity Supreme Vision (BSV)

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The ultimate tool for ideally identifying when to buy and sell any asset with a medium-long term horizon.

The Idea
Supreme Vision (BSV) is the ultimate tool for ideally identifying when to buy and sell any crypto asset. Its many visual components and embedded data make it an extremely comprehensive and effective indicator. It integrates on-chain data and takes into account the global state of the market to optimize position-taking on any asset. Thanks to it, you'll never be lost on the market curves again, and you'll always know how to exploit the best moments for your investments.

How to Use
The indicator is very easy to use, there's nothing special about it. Just make sure you use it on at least a daily time unit, and prefer Stablecoin pairs.

The Supreme Vision has several distinct components:

Displays buy and sell signals based on a variety of conditions, such as on-chain data and the overall state of the market. Some filters can be disabled in the settings.

The moving average adapts to the volatility of any asset to provide optimal trend tracking. It changes from green to red, passing through blue if its state is contested.

Asset State
These colored zones indicate whether the asset is in an Accumulation zone (a buying phase), a Distribution zone (a selling phase) or a Caution zone (a period of vigilance).

Market State
The color of the candles changes according to the state of the overall market, which may be Overbought (if almost all assets in the market are in an uptrend), Neutral or Oversold.
To see it, you must uncheck "Borders" and "Wick" in your Chart Settings.

Puell Multiple
The Puell Multiple shows an estimated buying and selling pressure of Bitcoin.

Several parameters can be defined in the indicator configuration.

Firstly, you have a language selector to switch the table information between several languages.

You can then choose whether or not to display the various elements.

An important parameter, you can deactivate/activate some filters to obtain other signals.

You can also change the Puell Multiple limits that the indicator uses by default.

Next, you can activate the "Extended Data" option to display additional information in the table.

Lastly, you can modify all table parameters.

How it Works
This tool takes into account numerous indicators to trigger its signals, which are filtered using the crypto market's underlying trend and on-chain data.
Release Notes:
Addition of an alerting system. This alert can be activated by setting the condition "Blockunity Supreme Vision (BSV)" and selecting "Any alert() function call". The alerts sent are as follows:
  • Buy or sell signals.
  • Entry into Accumulation / Distribution / Caution zones.
  • Change in market trend.
  • Monthly summary of asset and market trends, as well as asset state zone and drawdown.
Release Notes:
  • Correction of a symbol in the market trend calculation.
Release Notes:
  • Removal of global market alerts, as this creates repetition when the alert system is configured on several assets. Market trend change alert is available in Bullmarket Index or Stockmarket Index.
Release Notes:
  • First version of compatibility added for traditional markets. Market selection is made via the 'Market Selector', allowing you to switch between the Crypto, SP500, Nasdaq and CAC40 markets.
  • A filter for traditional markets has also been added, allowing you to filter selling positions according to the state of FIAT money printing.
Release Notes:
  • Corrected display of tickers for traditional markets in the table.

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