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AUDIOUSDT Spero riesca a tornare in alto, prima o poi

AUDIOUSDT bulls hold the line
AUDIOUSDT bulltrap 🤣🤣
AUDIOUSDT fake pumps not scared
AUDIOUSDT this coin is trash I will short 328
AUDIOUSDT is bull.first target is 0.67 $
AUDIOUSDT adding to short not afraid of fake pumps
AUDIOUSDT great short here ‼️🤭

AUDIOUSDT Hello friends. I got a job order worth two thousand dollars. And my employer could not send me money directly. He said to create account in this exchange and he transferred the money here for me. And now I can't withdraw my money. And they wants me to deposit 50 dollars into my account and after that I can withdraw all the money... were you the same?? I feel this is a questionable method.

Audiousdt and i predict this way