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CKBUSDT correction is done: touched minimum twice, staying solid even when BTC was going down -5%
CKBUSDT.P Its going up :)
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CKBUSDT is just getting started, multi layer chain, native bitcoin interoperability.
economic secure and truly decentralized POW chain.
BTC Smart contracts ☑

CKBUSDT time to fall!!!

CKBUSDT.P Going SHORT until 0.0372- then lift off to 0.0300???

CKBUSDT what is the top target of bull run ?
CKBUSDT and here we are, cheers
CKBUSDT.P now i short cbk going up with out no reason dump like trp 🤝🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑
CKBUSDT.P will go the MOOON by before you are too lateee lets goo guyss buy buy buyy🚀🚀🚀