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AAPL 1hrs Ascending Triangle!
AAPL Dumped below a trendline. Stinky. Save your money and short this - chatGPT isn't saving Apple.
AAPL Short this bitch

AAPL respecting this line of support in the short term but a long term channel towards 207

AAPL let's go baby

AAPL more buys coming

AAPL anyone looking at Apple today. Is it gonna go up or down? Hard to predict

AAPL SPX NDX China’s properties down -70% from ATH going for Japan’s history for long deflations. Renminbi has been weakened almost the same level as Corona Virus has erupted from China. USDJPY is breaking to all time highs and it’s very likely next week we are about to see. If in next week Euro and East asian currencies loses critical support levels DXY regains I think we are likely to go for deeper correction. EURUSD started to go down 1.05 support level which is worth pay attention to. ECB already cut the interest rates but the FED didn’t I think EURUSD can test 1 peg as well.
NVDA is a very powerful and successful company the growth tells you everything you need to know by next month or end of next week they’ll surpass MSFT & AAPL IN MARK CAP 💯
AAPL Expecting the pullback to continue this week and test 200 and find liquidity to move higher.