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ARM you can all see the P/E is over 600, you are buying into a hyper bubble if you are buying the dip. Don’t say I didn’t warn you

ARM if it gets a bounce after TSM earnings, then it’s time to short this hyper bubble with everything you got. Otherwise pick your spots, looks like the top is finally in
ARM when will this drop im holding my sell position far to long
Patience are finishing anybody has good analysis to understand whats going on here
ARM human nature is so funny.Everybody dumps AMD because high p/e while ARM p/e is x 2 lol.

ARM is back. ARM is back. Or?
SMCI NVDA ARM DELL Hey Minds, don’t lose your minds! Whole market having a slight correction. Tunnel vision will blow up your account.

ARM flushing? ???
ARM $300 soon . let's go!
ARM Waiting for $132 for new entry.

ARM bag holders gonna hold a real long time as we are about to enter the “election driven” bear market.. I think it started today