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PDD just a wild guess

AMZN needs to copy PDD to be a profitable company?

PDD approaching medium moving average and consolidating for over 3 weeks... time to go ! International company growing all over the world πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

PDD This will fly today. It's not too late to get in on the bull run. At least buy some call options .

PDD PDD (Temu) overtakes EBAY in the US. πŸš€

PDD Bull run has started. Still not too late to get in though.
PDD Options ratio mad bullish (0.18). Could be a monster week for PDD.
PDD Possibly last day before next bull run for PDD. MM's seem to want a bull run, and of course so does retail. Easy money for swing traders. BABA JD BIDU BILI
BABA PDD PDD has much more upside and potential. Consider taking an additional position. Right now is a great entry point.
PDD This may be your last chance to take a long position before rocket. 140 puts have failed for June 7 expiry. This thing is wound tight. πŸš€