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Sep 262022

Upgrade szn continues

Tezos joins a slew of blockchains rolling out new features, but investors are struggling to be won over.
  • Layer 1 blockchain Tezos has launched its ‘Kathmandu’ upgrade, which aims to improve the protocol’s scaling capabilities. The upgrade also adds a permanent testnet on which experimental features and new dApps can be trialed.
  • The protocol’s XTZ token isn’t feeling the excitement just yet however, spending the weekend sinking into the red – so probably not the fanfare it was hoping to receive.
  • Tezos isn’t alone in feeling the post-upgrade depression. Since its long-awaited Merge, Ethereum has plummeted by almost 20% and ADA has seen weekend declines while it waits for Cardano’s Vasil hardfork to be completed.
Rodion Kutsaev / Unsplash

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Jun 102022

Tezos tethers a deal

Tezos and Tether are buddying up to expand their presence in the DeFi sector, strengthening USDT’s position as the go-to stablecoin.

  • Tether’s stablecoin USDT is launching on Tezos in an effort to help the blockchain on its DeFi mission, but also to expand its own dominance in digital payments, a space it’s already leading.
  • With this collab, Tezos will be hoping to provide more liquidity and ease of access for people using dApps in their ecosystem. Tether is already available to use on Ethereum, Solana, and Algorand, so the partnership with Tezos reflects its concerted effort to be the stablecoin of choice for DeFi projects.
  • Tezos’ native token XTZ was up 6.4% on Thursday, closing around $2.22. The token fell as low as $1.39 when Bitcoin had a massive hiccup in March, dropping to $25k. Investors will certainly hope they’ve seen the worst of it – XTZ is already over 80% down from its 2017 all-time highs.
Rodion Kutsaev / Unsplash
Apr 252022

Tezos puts its foot on the gas

Tezos is set to hit a new milestone of 1K transactions per second (TPS), put in motion by its Octez v13 release.

  • The new V13 engine is expected to accelerate its transaction performance by five times its current rate, as well as reduce memory usage by a whopping 80%.
  • Devs made this gear change by reducing the number of calls needed to run blockchain operations, while the reduction in memory usage was achieved by rethinking the data indexing strategy.
  • Admittedly, Tezos is perhaps most known for its marketing prowess, forming partnerships with the McLaren F1 team and Manchester Utd. It looks like the PR might finally be working its magic, bc XTZ traded up almost 40% from March 14 to April 4, though its fallen back down nearly 30% since then to trade below the $3 mark.
Tezos / Unsplash
Apr 052022

Tezos makes a landmark on its odyssey

There may be sunny seas ahead for the good ship Tezos, as the proof-of-stake blockchain launches a major upgrade.

  • The Ithaca 2 update will mean faster transactions and improved efficiency for dApps running on Tezos. The former consensus algorithm (‘Emmy’) will be replaced by ‘Tenderbake’, which promises to lower block times by improving scalability and increasing the protocol’s ‘throughputs’ (possible transactions at a given time).
  • The new upgrade will also reduce the need for a captain at the wheel, and while that sounds kinda sketchy, all it means is that Ithaca 2 makes it cheaper to become a network validator by 25%, allowing the network to be more decentralized through getting more passengers onboard.
  • The native XTZ token fell 4% to $3.89 on Monday, but has managed to steady the ship’s mast since bottoming out at $2.56 on Feb 24. Tezos has become pretty popular in the last year, with smart contract interactions rising from 100k per month to over 6 million. Could Ithaca 2 mark the start of a sunny spell for the token?
Tezos / Unsplash
Feb 042022

Ronaldo trains with Tezos

The Tezos blockchain is finding its niche in the sporting world.

Key points:
  • It just made a $27m-a-year sponsorship deal with Manchester United, which is said to have the biggest fanbase of any soccer club in the world – meaning a lot of eyes watching Cristiano Ronaldo train in Tezos branding.
  • It’s the latest in a list of sports sponsorships Tezos has pursued. It’s partnered with the New York Mets, Formula 1’s McLaren Racing, and is creating an NFT for Red Bull Racing Honda.
  • Its native token has been outperforming the crypto market recently, enjoying its eighth consecutive day in the green on Friday and gaining 30% in that time while other big tokens traded horizontally.
Harry Walsh / Unsplash
Dec 222021

Welcome to the Petaverse

You’ve heard of the Metaverse… well, now there’s one for your dog. Play-to-earn NFT game Dogami has just won $6m in funding in order to build a whole world just for pets.

  • The game sits on the Tezos network, and plans to “establish the future of pet ownership 3.0.”
  • Players can train and play with over 300 Dogami breeds, and earn #DOGA tokens which you can use to buy your pets cute outfits, collect badges, or build new breeds.
  • Ubisoft, Animoca Brands, and Sandbox’s co-founders participated in the pre-seed fundraising round, among others.


Dec 082021

Green is the new black

Tezos is getting tapped for its environmental talent by game publisher Ubisoft, and prices reap the rewards.

  • Its native token soared 36.55% on Tuesday to recover all of its December losses, seeing its transaction volume and protocol revenue spike to their highest levels this year.
  • Ubisoft has chosen Tezos to help the platform become the first major game publisher to embrace the world of NFTs.
  • It chose Tezos because of its “limited carbon footprint”. The blockchain has recorded a 70% increase in its energy efficiency this year, and people are paying attention.
Nov 302021

Tezos takes the market by storm

The Tezos token is making mad moves after seeing developer activity hit a record high.

  • It jumped 20% on Monday following a record day of developer activity on the network that saw 9,635 contracts deployed, which is an important measure of growth and adoption rate.
  • Tezos is a market leader in security tokens, and allows the tokenization of a bunch of asset types (think stocks, bonds, etc) that are usually traded off-chain.
  • It launched a new upgrade in August that attracted more developers, but it hasn’t had a great month overall, losing 27% in November before yesterday’s bounce.
The Creative Exchange / Unsplash