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Dec 222021

Welcome to the Petaverse

You’ve heard of the Metaverse… well, now there’s one for your dog. Play-to-earn NFT game Dogami has just won $6m in funding in order to build a whole world just for pets.

  • The game sits on the Tezos network, and plans to “establish the future of pet ownership 3.0.”
  • Players can train and play with over 300 Dogami breeds, and earn #DOGA tokens which you can use to buy your pets cute outfits, collect badges, or build new breeds.
  • Ubisoft, Animoca Brands, and Sandbox’s co-founders participated in the pre-seed fundraising round, among others.
Dec 082021

Green is the new black

Tezos is getting tapped for its environmental talent by game publisher Ubisoft, and prices reap the rewards.

  • Its native token soared 36.55% on Tuesday to recover all of its December losses, seeing its transaction volume and protocol revenue spike to their highest levels this year.
  • Ubisoft has chosen Tezos to help the platform become the first major game publisher to embrace the world of NFTs.
  • It chose Tezos because of its “limited carbon footprint”. The blockchain has recorded a 70% increase in its energy efficiency this year, and people are paying attention.
Nov 302021

Tezos takes the market by storm

The Tezos token is making mad moves after seeing developer activity hit a record high.

  • It jumped 20% on Monday following a record day of developer activity on the network that saw 9,635 contracts deployed, which is an important measure of growth and adoption rate.
  • Tezos is a market leader in security tokens, and allows the tokenization of a bunch of asset types (think stocks, bonds, etc) that are usually traded off-chain.
  • It launched a new upgrade in August that attracted more developers, but it hasn’t had a great month overall, losing 27% in November before yesterday’s bounce.
The Creative Exchange / Unsplash