In my opinion, the US government is being myopic if they decide to do the following :

1. to delist the Chinese companies in US - about 250 companies that are worth trillions of dollars
(not very likely but this is a RISK)
So, as much as possible, buy the Chinese companies listed in HK or China else get an ETF not the American Depositary Receipt (ADR)
Do not forget many ETFs globally have investable interest in China and many are listed in US and delisting them would severely impact these fund managers' performance too.

2. US-China relationship - read article here . It is not the interest of US to continue its aggressive stance against China. Think again what is China focusing now ? Not the international trades but it is busy cleaning up its own backyard. It is imposing rules and checklist to ensure its billions of users' data are not exploited nor land in foreign hands. The fate of DIDI tells you all.

3. Chips - It would be in severe shortage as more new products are launched and from smartphones to Electrical vehicles, these essential chips are a critical component. TSMC being the market leader is in the forefront followed closely by Korea and China has made 5G, AI and robotic automation its critical pillars of innovation in the years to come and pouring huge sums of money for R&D and investment is tell tale signs that semiconductor companies with good growth potential will benefits in the years to come.