NYSE:A   Agilent Technologies, Inc
This is a weekly chart.

So far, this security is not having a drastic drop daily like many others are, but I am sill not going there; like labeling things, securities, as parabolic because the second I do they break to the upside.

So this is just a "keep my eye on it"
There are certain securities I keep my eyes on and this is one of them. Not buying here as it still looks too steep for me. I guess I had no clue it would get to this high early on and sold too soon. It happens, I suppose, to all of us.

It happens, yet we do not always forget and I have been following this in amazement since it surpassed my target to the upside
and now it has started dropping.

So I set alerts all the way down and hope that I find it when I see a buy signal. I have not yet. You may. Still too steep for me )o:

We are all different. No recommendation.

Short percent is 5.45%/Negative volume remains high. NVI can represent big money and is similar to OBV. NVI is volume on down days. Sometimes even those folks finally give up )'

The 1 minute time frame can show you where those folks give up and buy at a certain level. Even big money has a breaking point. It is just usually lower than ours is. And that is most often how they win.

The investors I reference have many more years to wait that I, or maybe you do. For some, they buy at the bottom and realize they are doing their job an will no longer be here in years to come. There are folks out there who have more time on earth than I do. That is something to consider for sure in this game. Knowing what type of trader you are and what your time frame is are paramount.

And your rules you made when you started trading or investing. Those are the most important statements of all.
For me:
****Lessons learned: Buying a security to make your money back that you lost the first time around is usually not a good idea. Just because I like the security does not mean it will go up at that particular time. I have to watch the rotation. A time limit, or a bottom pattern works best for me but we are all different.
***Do not set my stop loss too close if I want to hang. 2 X ATR will keep me safe enough for my IRA. I am more cautious with my individual account/Go figure?. If I do not want to be sure I hang, set it a bit below the nearest support. When I set it below closest support, they find me eventually and I do not get to hang. I stopped doing this after lesson learned. I suppose everyone else had their stop there as well. Dunno.

1. Knowing Why I am buying this security (or why not), What is motivating me?
2. What is my exit strategy? Many times being time, but many use price. If a security does not move in 5 days and I see no chance, let go. This can also be a stop loss where I feel it is a doomer and I lost that round. No biggy because there are plenty more to choose from. Every now and then this stop loss is not hit and I am happy it was not hit. But I know it is there. As a rule I do not enter stop losses and hope that I catch it or know better before hand. This is not a good practice, especially on a high risk security in this particular market which is volatile. It does depend on what I am holding these days. IE XLU , MSFT , CMCSA or VZ etc I will hang on for now. I plan to buy AAPL back when it is down a quite a bit. (Slowly buying back TTD presently and QCOM as well when things settle) I am not in the mood to worry right now (o:

3. How much, considering what is motivating me, am I willing to risk on this particular security? Did I look for overbought conditions before I bought this?
4. Another stop loss which is a price I will sell at which is not the same as number 2. Number 3 means I did win or did not win and is usually determined later. It can be a trailing stop. This can mean even if I did not get the max total but I am see I will lose money I have made very soon. Or it can mean I just flat out picked a loser and it is time to let go. These are both risk management. There is no way to telepathically know this. Only rules can help most people with this. After a while you can either feel this or not so rules are probably best for most. Buying in increments can also help. And you will be right, or wrong some of the time. I have learned not to sweat it too much! Sometimes getting out of the market with a profit is better than sitting back and taking a loss. This is one reason I have learned to keep my holdings smaller so I can watch earnings and charts. It is just easier for me to keep up with 10 versus 20.
5. Look for patterns or whatever it is you follow on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Maybe look at lower time frames when getting in and higher time frames for staying in. A 20 year maximum monthly confirmed uptrend that does not look like the stairway to heaven is less likely to screw me over. I hope. But always remember it can!

A bottom is not always the bottom. You may think it is dirt cheap, but even dirt can get cheaper! PE 30.01 EPS 4.84 MKT Cap 44 B

Agilent Technologies , Inc. provides application focused solutions to the life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets worldwide. The Life Sciences and Applied Markets segment offers liquid chromatography systems and components; liquid chromatography mass spectrometry systems; gas chromatography systems and components; gas chromatography mass spectrometry systems; inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry instruments; atomic absorption instruments; microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometry instruments; inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry instruments; raman spectroscopy; cell analysis plate based assays; flow cytometer; real-time cell analyzer; cell imaging systems; microplate reader; laboratory software; information management and analytics; laboratory automation and robotic systems; dissolution testing; vacuum pumps, and measurement technologies. The Diagnostics and Genomics segment provides arrays for DNA mutation detection, genotyping, gene copy number determination, identification of gene rearrangements, DNA methylation profiling, gene expression profiling, next generation sequencing, target enrichment and genetic data management, and interpretation support software; and produces synthesized oligonucleotide. It also offers immunohistochemistry in situ hybridization, and hematoxylin and eosin staining and special staining; consumables, and software for quality control analysis of nucleic acid samples; and reagents for use in turbidimetry and flow cytometry, as well as develops liquid-based pharmacodiagnostics. The Agilent CrossLab segment provides GC and LC columns, sample preparation products, custom chemistries, and laboratory instrument supplies; and startup, operational, training, compliance support, software as a service, asset management, and consultation services. The company markets its products through direct sales, distributors, resellers, manufacturer's representatives, and electronic commerce. Agilent Technologies , Inc. was incorporated in 1999 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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