I hate to say it AAPL could be setting up for a monster move..

I have always enjoyed shorting AAPL , but I try to not hold a bias, except when it comes to a bias of making money.....

I haven't traded AAPL in a while and I was scanning through charts and I noticed the Monthly chart looks like a fat kid with his face glued to the front entrance door of a candy shop, its 8:59AM and the store opens at 9am.... the anticipation and all that perfect consolidation is building a power packed train with an explosion about to take place.

While timing this can be tricky the earnings coming up would be a good catalyst to pop this sucker into the stratosphere. But AAPL has been pretty boring, it really needs something exciting to make this monster move.

So Candy your APPLES and hold on!


I’m that fat kid with my mouth full of 15 may 21 appl 141 calls