My recommended portfolio of 25 stocks for 16-19 Feb 2021

My weekly portfolios in the last 5 week have beaten all major indexes and ARKK returns!
They made 64.14% compound return in 5 weeks..!
Let’s take a look at the next week portfolio to beat the market:
(put your orders +/- 1% change of weekly close)
5- DB
6- DSS
7- FB
8- FDX
10- HCDI
12- HYLN
13- NGD
16- QCOM
17- SDC
18- SNOW
20- TSLA
21- VLDR
22- WRAP
24- FSM
25- FSR
( If your platform doesn’t let you trade a ticker: a good substitute would be MRVL )

Please consider these bullet points
* My recommendation for investing in the list is to invest equal amount of capital
* in each stock( make a pie/ volume-weighted).
* Try not to deviate more than 20% from the list.
* Changes in portfolio will be made on Friday/Monday trading section.
* stay tuned for real-time update during the week!

There will be always some degree of risk in trading, please do your diligent work before making any decisions to trade or invest
I will keep eyes on Apple call option for perfect entry point this week..!
Wish you endless profits
Moshkelgosha(Sniper Trader)

Comment: My recommended portfolio of 25 stocks daily performance: +0.61%, it was not much but we beat the market 22 days out of 25 trading days so far..!
S&P 500:-0.06%
Nasdaq: -0.28%
Dow Jones: +0.20%
ARKK: -0.93%
Comment: The bitter sweet day ended with -1.24% performance (if you had all 25 volume weighted). This was the worst negative daily performance ever. Let’s see what happen at the end of the week!
Comment: Check all the related links and my analysis on each ticker symbols, put the stop loss in place and let the stop loss take care of your capital.
We all should learn that sitting out and watching the market for a while is a part of the deal.
Trade closed manually: It is Friday and it is time to close the position
Comment: After making 64.14% compound profits in 5 weeks, finally my recommended portfolio closed with negative performance of 3.74%.
Comment: Weekly report:
The first week with negative outcome in the last 6 weeks:
To maximize your profit please pay attention to these points:
1- I started publishing a portfolio of 25 stocks since January 10th 2021(6wks). The 25 stock portfolio is designed to manage the risk while performing better than major indexes!(this week it failed to reach its goal for the first time)
2- I also publish single analysis when ever I find a good opportunity to invest.
3- Do not invest all your capital in a single stock or portfolio, always have some money for new ideas.
4- Your performance could be different from my weekly report because of the changes you made in the portfolio! For instance Sometimes your broker doesn’t allow you to trade the ticker.
* 25 stocks weekly managed portfolio has had 5 out of six week positive return! And cumulative return of +61.71 % considering the -3.74% last week.
** let’s look at single ideas published last week:
1- CAN : +90.11%
2- WFC: +12.82%( best weekly performance in all companies >100Billion market cap)
3- JWN: +6.28%
4- BAC: +3.51%
5- GE: +2.47%
6- AAL: +8.16%
7- VZ: +4.15%
8- M: +0.6%
Please reevaluate your expectations and your strategy before investing in anyone’s idea!
Trade closed: stop reached
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@Moshkelgosha this week was a really bad one for everyone.. Lost a lot but learnt a lot too... I wait for your portfolio next week... I wou
100 coins
love the portfolio, looking forward to next week
also, how much would you recommend in your other ideas like WFC and BAC relative to each in the portfolio?

thank you in advance
@Moshkelgosha Yesterday -3.5% and another 3% today... Do you think its time to quit? or will we see some green patches tomorrow? Is it the 10% correction people were talking about?
Thank you Mo!!
Did your stock pick's. Switched Unity software with the the otc stock I couldn't buy on my platform. Thanks for the hard work and help.
@marabe77, no the substitute was MRVL
marabe77 Moshkelgosha
@Moshkelgosha, different one you recommended on an earlier chart. Can't get the stock out of my head. See what happens with the slight twerk. Thanks for your hard work and feedback.
MOSH, I feel like I got a Valentine's Day gift!
Wish you a endless profitable night
Moshkelgosha greattttt
@greattttt, I’m so happy to hear that♥️
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My group and I decided to buy AAPL and AMZN with margin for the long term. At low margin interest at 1% annual is worth buying and holding to squeeze shorties for manipulators. The same as gamestop longs, we decided to buy in mass as group. AAPL 200 in Q1 will happen. Truth (eps/revenues) will prevail