Sunshine in a bag sack!

Hello to all my people holding a sack! Any kind of sack will do; big sacks, small sacks, fat sacks, full sacks, bursting sacks, deflating sacks, and perhaps for this group Kanye West or Lil Wayne Nap Sacks.
Since the world has gone to POT is has been a much better place. Pun intended. Canada is leading the way in the POT space these days and their stocks are showing us that it is only gaining in popularity. ACB appears to be reaching the corner of the descending triangle . We all know that this means super pressure is built up and time to make a move up or down. Since it has been grinding along the breakout to the upside, I believe it will eventually break through. As in the next few days.
As for the price points I think I’m going to enter these waters at 7.04ish and ride it up. I think by the end of the month it will be around 7.70 and by the end of the summer it could be up around 9.
From a fundamental point of view, it is summertime and people want to party. This usually means some form of stimulus whether it is booze, smokes, or that lefthanded green goblin. Now that people have more options, I can only see the adoption rate of using this product to go up. If that is true, we can expect much, much, higher prices in the long-term future. (I’m killing it with these puns today)
Anyways, whether you are getting high or getting rich be safe out there, the world is changing quickly. Let me know if you think.
Remember is takes a hugesack to make a huge sack!