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False Breakout was Bulltrap

SHIB ecosystem is decentralized, Lucie claims
In a tweet published earlier this week, Lucie suggested a reason that might stand behind the recent spree of BONE listings. She believes that exchanges want the token on for their clients because "there is no leading entity behind it." Also, it does not have a CEO or a head office. The developer team spearheaded by the pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama, which also created SHIB and LEASH and are working on Shibarium and the SHIB metaverse now, will eventually step down, Lucie claims.

She insists that the whole Shiba Inu ecosystem is being created to function as "a fully decentralized ecosystem and no one will ever be in charge." According to her, it will be the SHIB army that will "lead and make the most important decisions."

BONE got listed three times this week. Do you know why?This is because it is known that there is no leading entity behind it.There is no CEO or office and the developers are building it but will eventually step away, just like everyone else. The entire Shiba Ecosystem is…