Its summer take a break wait for Sept

BITTREX:ADAUSD   Cardano / US Dollar
We have been blindsided some with a corrective deeper structure in technicals on price due to the uncertainty currently in the market. Don't be overwhelmed with your assets. Cardano's best days are ahead and I have no doubt we will see a bright future with ada if you just stick with the growth in the coming 10 years. Thats right...I said it...10 years...we have a long way to go, but that isn't a long time to do it!

ADA Cryptocurrency will be needed for Smart Contracts. Every transaction made on the network tells a story and smart contracts write the scripts for these stories. ADA will be the actor in the accumulation of data between transactions. Lets not forget about the treasury system and the upcoming launch of Shelley overall.

Charles recently commented about how volatile the market will be because of the crazy announcements of Libra and the uncertainty showing in the market.

The society is changing and the culture of this market is becoming regulated and it is now a time to be patient once again as more fundamental development shows itself.

It is highly important to stick close to the growth of the real world use case of your digital asset. ADA is not always clear but there are many important functions that this native cryptocurrency will play in Cardano Ecosystem.

As the crypto fanatics say...HODL strong :) IOHK is here to stay. This is a marathon not a sprint . Have two bags if you are sprinting along the marathon .

;) I have added 4,000 more ada at .052

My laddered positions are at the following.


Assets bought at .28 we later hedged and flipped from .03 to .09 for a x3 return to try to break even. I just kept the profits and added into the holding. I wont pull unless we hit $1

In it to win it :) stay savvy traders and always keep in mind price action changes all the time. An idea is an idea for the moment until the market prints us the story. Always take trades with managed risk. Thanks for following! Not much more room to go for ADA but I have set another buy entry at .032 again :D

Time to start stacking for the staking!

A break of the bearish channel is what we are looking for in order to go long again. August Shelley updates will be released and more on Shelley launch will be released soon. Awaiting Charles Hoskinsons next AMA. He loves to keep us informed. His focus will be ADA as soon as he gets back from vacation.

Happy trading everyone!