RSI Supertrend Moving average in Heiken Ashi Algo Oscillator

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Welcome to the coffee shop everyone this is your host and baristo Eric,
You know what we do around here so pull up a seat at the table and get ready for your caffeine overdose .

I am happy to say that as of today we are at the final stage of development basically on The Heiken Ashi Algo Oscillator. It has proven to be a very powerful tool, very popular,, and very easy to use. up until now I have basically been showing you what all the parts do and what they mean because I figure you can't necessarily use a tool unless you know what it's settings are for.


I really believe that this new update will be a scalper's wet dream when it comes to being able to sit there and stare at your chart watching the oscillator and waiting for a break in the trend so that you can stay in your trade or you can exit your trade.

That being said this being the final development that needed to be done with this oscillator, any videos that you see related to the algo from me are going to be strategy videos. So let's get into the final change that I have just made and uploaded to Tradingview.

The final change as of right now is that the RSI Moving Average is now a colored line. It appears red when your average on your RSI is trending down (lower values) , and green when it is trending up (higher values). It also takes into consideration the momentum of the trend so it will not effectively change colors until the previous momentum is lost and volume has changed enough to the opposing side.

For example you could have heiken Ashi candles traveling flat on your RSI but you're RSI moving average is still red. It will not change to green until the momentum starts moving the opposite way. So not only will you know that the previous momentum is lost but you will also know when it changes direction.

As you know in the previous update to the RSI and the RSI moving average have a trend Cloud that appears behind it which switches from red to Green evenly. However there is a third black color that appears from time to time in that Trend cloud.
This black color means a loss of momentum.

Trend Cloud Meaning:
Trend Cloud (Black) = No Momentum and Volume
Trend Cloud (Green) = Bullish Momentum and Volume
Trend Cloud (Red) = Bearish Momentum and Volume

Price will run flat if:
If the Trend cloud is Back, while the RSI Moving Average is green, you have lost momentum to the upside.
If the Trend cloud is Black, while the RSI Moving Average is Red, you have lost momentum to the down side

Trend is changing direction If:
Trend cloud was one color but slowly blended to opposite color without changing into a back color.

Now with the RSI, moving average being able to switch between colors you can tell when the new trend has started or the old trend has restarted because, just because there was a loss in momentum of the previous Trend doesn't mean it's just going to switch the other way and it doesn't mean that it's going to continue the same way however the moving average will tell you what it's doing along with the trend cloud.

If you were previously in an uptrend and then you get a black cloud Showing behind your candles you know that you have a loss in momentum. If you look at your moving average, you will see that it will switch to the opposing color however if it then switches back to the original color then all you had was a pause in your Trend and is going to continue the same way it was going before. Iif the moving average has switched colors when the trend Cloud went to Black and the moving average stays that second color you know that your trend has changed Direction.

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