ADA Goguen era coming in Q2

BINANCE:ADAUSDT   Cardano / TetherUS
Smart contracts allows projects to transfer from Ethereum to Cardano , creating good opportunity for projects to save on the Eth gas fees.

If the Alonzo "hard-fork" works successfully, we will officially be in the Goguen era and projects will start transferring over from Eth.
This mean we could seeway more transactions on the Cardano blockchain, increasing the demand for its native coin, the ADA.

There will be a certain fear before major Alonzo "Hard fork".

ADA might retrace to sub 1$ prices after next pump.

In the years-long run, ADA will catch up on ETH and reach 200G market cap.
It might not be as quick as presented here, but it is a certainty that the Cardano team at IOG and IOHK will not stop working until they built the worlds best blockchain!