For adToken Is Easy To Print 260%+, Chart Mapped!

BITTREX:ADTBTC   adToken / Bitcoin
We've been looking at adToken for a while now and recently we are active with a trade.
The setup/bullish chart we were looking at is ready to pay...

We have prices moving above EMA10 and now trading above EMA50 while pushing higher... The RSI is at 57/strong.
adToken ( ADTBTC ) is a low volume altcoin pair and mid- to long-term it can produce amazing gains.

Remember to always have a plan/strategy before you trade.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Feb 10
Comment: Long-term chart | 10,000% PProfits to ATH (100X)
Feb 16
Comment: Starting to move up with volume coming in...
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Possibility to buy or we are lost 0o ?
Confucius-The-Great Confucius-The-Great
@Confucius-The-Great, My private indicators are bearish, STOCH is bearish, 12 hour and 1 day, RSI bulllish, I would wait a day or two. If this move is going to fail it will be a red candle tommrow. And the pump is manipulation. Does not count when indicators are clarly turning down if you ask me. Shouts fake move/pump to me. In 1-2 days we know the truth if it is over EMA 50 or tommrow is green.