NASDAQ:AFRM   Affirm Holdings, Inc
This will be the last one I do today:

AFRM - looks like it is in a primary wave 5, and in the first impulse of the primary wave 5. We should be reaching a peak of intermediate wave 1 very soon of this primary 5. That wave 2 down will be a BTD (invalidation is 105 area - wave 4 bottom). Would be smart to wait to get in until after there is a clear 3 swing down. (if not already in). If in I would use a stop loss at this point

If we extend into 5 we could be seeing AFRM get up to around 200 a share before the primary wave 5 peaks

NOTE: AFRM has a tendency to go vertical and is very volatile - more volatility less accurate Elliot waves tend to be (mainly because they are hard to properly count until the moves are complete). Be mindful of that