✳️ AGIX | More Bulls Proof 1,786% So Far (Name Your Altcoin #56)

This is another pair that I am adding myself to the Name Your Altcoin series. I replied to everybody in the comments section for part 6 so I have some space left for this pack of 10.

I just wrote about FetchAI (FETUSDT) and how you can predict what is coming to the Altcoins by looking at this chart.

The same is true for AGIX but for the BTC pairings, ALTSBTC.

Let me organize my thoughts...

I will go through the whole thing with you so you are prepared and can maximize profits in March 2023 and maybe even April.

Let's start with the current data.
AGIXBTC moved ahead of the pack, the low was hit in July 2022 and it has been growing since.

From the July 2022 low to its new ATH this month, February 2023, we have a massive 1,786% bullish wave. This is not bear-market type of action, this is bull-market action but it will take a while before the rest of people adapt and change.

We know we are early but the whole purpose of chart reading is to prepare for future moves. Catch the reversal before it takes place.

Here is the weekly chart for AGIXBTC:
Ok, first thing that we can extract from this chart is the fact that the current wave moved higher than its August 2021 peak price. When looking at ALTSBTC, you go back to August 2021 and you can say, "Ok, this one is likely to go beyond this level once the action starts to take place"... And it will happen because the market is connected, the market moves in cycles, what one does the rest follows.

Now, we cannot look further back since this one went through a name change and this deletes the chart or else we would be able to gain even more information.

While in December '22 and January '23 some ALTSBTC pairs were bleeding and still hitting new lows, AGIXBTC was already producing higher lows and preparing for massive growth.

Here is another chart this time on the daily timeframe:
Notice how the candles to the left become really small...
The current price action is dwarfing what happened last year.

We should expect the same coming to other pairs.

The next thing is that Bitcoin is retracing and AGIXBTC as it is happening with FETUSDT, both pairs that moved first, start to grow... Hugh.

If this was the end already, then they would drop as well rather than going up... Since they are moving first when Bitcoin takes a break they resume growing.

One last thing is that a fifth wave might still be possible... Or maybe it is already in. Either way, the other charts aren't looking like this but they are starting to produce all the same pattern with many entering the initial wave of 300-400% growth.

I didn't organize my thoughts well enough but, this is only the beginning, not the end. Not for this pair, for the rest of the market.


P.S. If Bitcoin enters a correction do not worry... The stars are aligned, the market will make the news and once the news comes out... Euphoria all across. All the patient ones and those who trusted will be rewarded... The rest? If they miss the coming wave, the market will give them another chance and another one and another one in a matter of months.

Cryptocurrency is here to save the world... Financially speaking!

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