Anglo American Plc - Cash Flow, Generated.

In this week's main report, we split AGL into a 'day plan' (Monday 12/07) and a 'swing plan'. This post relates to the day plan, which was outlined as follows:

"It’s possible that the price retraces to the mid-point of the prior day candle, which is in line with the 8-day EMA . Look for support here (57800c/58100c) to buy up to the 59100/59300c area."

Today's low was seen at 57788c, while during the last hour of trade, the share is printing 59398c (exceeding intraday target).

As a 'day play', this would have been a decent cash flow generator around a core long or short position.

I also highlighted Northam Platinum , with both a swing and day plan, however the 'day' level did not trigger.

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