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AMEX:AIM   AIM ImmunoTech Inc.
Hello, take a seat and enjoy my basic analysis of AIM. I am not an analyst, of finances or anything else, just a dude saying friendly dude things. I could be the dude that everyone is friends with at the office, or I could be your crazy QAnon neighbour with a Ron Paul sign out front. Please do not trust anything I write without double checking and doing your own research as well! I will always put links to my sources for various things, but until I have enough rep I cannot. I will go back and fix these when I can!

Science and Drug Development/Pipeline
I always start with this, because if you don't have science on your side, then you aren't going to have the FDA on your side. Also I do science, so it's the best way for me to look at the company.

AIM's science is simple, and not done by them. AIM is a clinical trial and manufacturing company, not a pharmaceutical. They have 2 drugs, first and most important one is Ampligen, second is Alferon N.

Ampligen is Rintatolimod, which is a small double stranded RNA mismatch molecule. We all have DNA, and that DNA is double stranded. The DNA is used as a blueprint to make RNA, which will get used as a blueprint to make proteins, but RNA is never double-stranded, and when it is, it is taken care of immediately via several amazing pathways. Having double stranded RNA in your cell is going to set off alarms in that cell, forcing a response by that cell to check itself, and either wreck itself, or keep on living. This response also sends out various other signals that kind of tidy up the cell, slow it down and just make sure everything is working ok. Turns out doing this in most diseases is a good thing, who would've thought!

The mechanism of action for Ampligen is to initiate an immune response, and let the cell fix itself, or kill itself. If it sounds vague, that's because it is. We know point A and point B, but we really don't know which path we are taking, how many paths and what other points we hit along the way. Going over some research articles on pubmed, it seems like rintatolimod is solid, it gets a lot done in a lot of cellular assays, has some clean pathway work, all that. I just wish any other company would be bringing it to market. It is being used in clinical trials as a combinatorial, which is a smart move because everyone loves combining drugs. In all seriousness, this is a unique innate immune system pathway, where targeting with PD-L1 and other chemotherapeutics at the same time might just be the magic trick. Think of it like the monster in a horror movie, you shoot it, chop off its head, whatever. Do it again, and again and again, don't wait to find out that it can grow back its arms. Just keep swinging.

The second drug is Alferon N, and I don't have much to say about it. Its an interferon, its been tried in a ton of clinical trials, its super promising, just never works. Maybe they finally figured it out, I just don't believe that.

The Company and the Team
Wow, its ****ing nothing. No, really, go to their site and check it out, it's no one. The whole thing is oddly pathetic, I don't know if a competent soul works in any capacity there, or if they too just gave up.

That is all super harsh, I am sure that is not the case, but I hate companies in medicine with no scientist, anywhere. If you click on the Partnering tab on their main site, you can find an email to literally just partner with them, because they either have no ability or have failed to do any meaningful partnerships themselves.

The company is a sales company, trying to sell itself. And god do I hope anyone buys. The truth is, the patents are probably worth 100Mil easy, you can shutter everyone at the company, outsource manufacturing to anywhere else or build it into existing manufacturing space.

The Fundamentals
Tiny 90Mil market cap
40 Mil outstanding shares
7.7% institutional ownership, all of which increased in 12/31/20. (I wouldn't be surprised if this last correction was one pulling out with another buying in, just a normal change of hands)
No debt, 40M in cash (as of last filing)
No 13F/Gs, so no one is a majority owner.

Possible Catalysts
Someone buys them out
Someone files a 13F and then buys them out
They get a new CEO, who then sells the patent to anyone else and AIM becomes a holding company for the ampligen patent, with employee count of 1.

For real: They are presenting at the Virtual Investor Summit March 24. If they build up some talk, and something nice gets published, they could see a good jump back.

If I were a bettin' man, I would say they can get a good cup and handle back to 4, or we could see some bigger impulse waves to 7 to form a long ass cup there. I don't trust a ton of investors to do a ton of work on research, so I can see them going forward quite a bit, but I have no problem jumping off myself.

That's it, my brain is fried and I don't have anything else to say for now. Please let me know your thoughts, if you want to see anything else included in these, peace. Do your own research, I don't know anything.

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