We just checked pharmacies around the North East

PALFORZIA peanut allergy drug is available at CVS Pharmacy and is being filled at CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is currently the largest pharmacy chain in the United States by number of locations with over 9,600 pharmacies throughout the United States.

Its parent company ranks as the 7th largest U.S. corporation by FY2017 revenues in the Fortune 500.

The parent company of CVS Pharmacy's leading competitor (Walgreens) ranked 19th for the same time period.

The stupid brokerage firms that just downgraded the stock price today because of a "so called slow roll-out" have no clue what they're doing or saying anymore.

All these analysts had to do is pickup the phone and call around like we did! They're lazy!!!

ANyone on this board wondering how easy it is to find out, call a CVS Pharmacy and ask them if they can fill a script for PALFORZIA, they will tell you YES,,, it is in the database for them to order..!!!

We are passing along our research to some major brokerage firms so they will get behind the stock and push it up

Palforzia Peanut Allergy Drug is available at CVS Pharmacy and soon to be available at Walgreens and other pharmacies throughout the USA

This stock could blast off any day folks!

We do not buy drug stocks so we are sitting on the sidelines just passing along solid and reliable information

Factual information for this board is always a good thing to post especially since you don't get it from dumb analysts!


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