ALEC , Technical entry

NASDAQ:ALEC   Alector, Inc
Some things are against this trade but technicals do look great for entry .
The company just happens to also be my name :). So, full disclosure, I am anchoring to that a bit ha .

Here's whats against, really quick :

Recent inside selling , June 3rd ( perhaps already priced in )
Short float kind of on high side slightly under 8%

Here's whats for :

1.5 Analyst rating
Great technical signs for entry point .

Entry $30.98
Stop 29.29
Take profit around $34.50

Good luck ~


This is a perfect example of why you should always decide on a stop loss.
darrendaza NAK1987
@NAK1987, are you still trading this stock
NAK1987 darrendaza
@darrendaza, No , I am actually pretty busy with some python courses and a pair trading strategy that I back tested at over a 600% compound annual growth rate! (busy paper trading that for now with crossed fingers ). So, with those two things, my time to take new positions is limited , also I'm hoping for a big movement up in the VIX too, if that were to happen I would be very busy taking advantage of a reversal .

However , I did buy apple and BRK-B today . Apple is about to go through a stock split (forward ) and BRK owns a lot of apple and is reporting earnings soon, both good longs imo .

Have a good one :)
Bart10000 NAK1987
@NAK1987, wow 600% would get you to the moon QUICK AF!!!! Hope it works!!! Share YOUR Shit!!! hahaha Hope you hit it!!
NAK1987 Bart10000
@Bart10000, Yea , we shall see my friend , still months to go into the strategy paper trading it (at least 2, I like to mitigate risk) , this is the 4th time I have launched it and probably have about 250 hours into it so far so yea hopefully eh . So far each launch has been unsuccessful. But if it was easy, everyone would do it right .

I do have some nice stocks for you to do some DD on CCOI and CARE my top picks :)
Have a great day !
NAK1987 NAK1987
@NAK1987, Hard to say which one is my fave , CARE if you want to hold long term I suppose .
Bart10000 NAK1987
@NAK1987, Ya hit me up. My Technical skill is not bad... So i can chart