A good opportunity in a situation of light overbought

NASDAQ:ALGN   Align Technology, Inc
My advisor Marketmiracle gave an input signal for the stock ALIGN TECHNOLOGY $ALGN at a price of 588.09 usd with a target of 634.1391 with a possible profit of 7.83%

According to the chart the stock seems to actually want to continue to rise despite the laggera situation of over-bought, the rest less than a month ago has delivered excellent results with a surprise of 23% compared to the estimates of analysts.

Moreover according to some sites of fundamental analysis to which I refer the price of the Stock seems to be underestimated of approximately 7% regarding the just value.

All this makes me think that with good odds the title will rise, in the next week as soon as I have liquidity I will take positions.

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Analysis based on the signals of Marketmiracle advisor.

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