$ALGO buy set-ups

Between the two scenarios, A & B, I think scenario A is more likely so I'm looking for a breakout above this downtrend line.

Scenario A looks likely because of an MACD cross, strong bounce off the lower bound of the channel, showing strength. Looks like it is about to test RSI at 50.

With ETH fees going through the roof and ALGO being put to the test with more and more transactions per second while maintaining fees below $. 01 I think ALGO will flip ETH eventually unless ETH fixes the gas fee problem or ALGO can't maintain its low fees while scaling.

If scenario B happens, I will be looking to buy more once it bounces off the lower bound of the channel.

Long ALGO. Strong support at 1.5538

4% for staking your Algorand on Coinbase. Nice to own an appreciating asset that also has interest.