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As you can see on the Elliot Waves the 5th wave is coming, we can confirm with the growth of the RSI tendence and the ADX is switching positions.

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Trade closed: target reached: I didn´t state what was the target but it was the blue line, so it went well, now we can expect it to go down for a while with a minor correction in the next days.


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I love the thought that 5 will come, but I would think you missed one bump and your 3 is the 5. I pray I am wrong. What made you start the elliot wave where you did?
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wortiz002 emeuvida
@emeuvida, Well i think that the previous movement had a very little correction and then we had a stronger high and low where i placed the 1 and 2. But currently i see difficulties crossing the 0.38 fib, so if we can't break it maybe the 3 it's the 5 as you said.
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