Alpine technologies -one step ahead of the drone market!

Let's analyze ALPP Alpine 4 Technologies – this stock has been making big waves and still haven’t hit the mainstream eye of the common investor. So what do they do? many things such as sheet metal manufacturing and other things but we are not here for that we are here for ONE reason – DRONES !!! if you are not in the loop – drone technology is coming in and it's coming in big! from autonomous deliveries to city surveillance and even to Army and espionage missions – what can be better than sending an unmanned vessel to get footage in hostile areas. Drone technology is already being experimented in china at the highest level and the US FAA is now passing new regulations in favor of drone technology as a part of “catching up with the previous highest high”- hope this sentence doesn’t upset the readers but it is true – China is leading in drone technology on the USA at the moment. Alpine bought several companies in the drone sector and one of them is “Impossible Aerospace” which makes high-performance drones, and the company is led by Tesla’s battery developer Spencer Gore. Alpine also bought Vayo this month (January 2021) which is another drone maker and it seems as Alpine is creating a high-level drone environment where almost everything is manufactured “in-house”. If we consider ARKX space ETF that is coming out and stated by Cathie Wood to have drone tech stocks – this stock can have a lot of potential upside room
Let's look at the Technicals :
The stock has begun rallying up in December from 0.6$ all the way to 4.7 in 18 days – that is a 700% rise !! so obviously what we wanted to see is a massive correction to say this is a healthy trend. We got a correction to the 50% line with accumulation happening between 2.3$ to 3.2$, so what’s next?
1. According to volume analysis and market cycle analysis the stock needs to give us a bit more on the downside to reach 3.13 or so and that’s when we know we are looking at the upside move next.
2. From 3.13 to 3.7 we need to see a zigzag formation (accumulation of orders and new options), this will be fairly fast in my opinion considering the hype on ALPP is rising every day.
The break out from this stage will end around 4.5 to 4.7 which is the highest high.
3. From here it will stall a bit and accumulate to the 5$ mark again in a zigzag formation and it will rise to the next target which is above 5$ - eventually touching the 6$ line.
This is basing on the fact that the first motive wave has ended on Dec 28th and the volume has significantly decreased showing us the “herd” effect of investors pulling out at this high. So after we get our full correction done we can expect a new motive wave that will end in my opinion over 6$.
The company has a great product and well-positioned in the drone race that we at FDGT are very bullish on it.

Wishing you all to be safe and trade safe.

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