OTC:ALYI   Alternet Systems, Inc
Monthly TF

- MA’s
EMA21 & SMA50 Coiled to bullish cross
SMA100 resistance Broken and used as support fro first time in it’s history
SMA200 ~350% above price
SMA100 ~115% below price

- Fib Fans
Closing in on .786 Trivial & .618 on vital

- Fib Levels
Trivial Resistance at 0.2
Vital Resistance at .69, 1.59, 2.14, 2.58, 3.0 in order of significance

Trivial Support at .045
Vital support at .025

- Patterns (Pinks)
Dips from 2004 & 2007 have created a descending wedge
2010 low gives suitable support trend, last touch of this trend led to +530% then a 5-year term resistance
2016 low gives suitable resistance trend, used as resistance every year preceding (except ’20)

- Indicators
Volume - 2021 Volume Average spike over 100x of it’s history
RSI - Price slightly above oversold, Bands squozing, historically first candle to not be rejected after pervious candle touches Oversold level (others rejected -50%)
MACZ - Signal on ascending wedge
MACD - Climbing from lows past 6 yrs, first candle past zero line since 9 yrs
SQZMOM - Coiling since 2016, current candle past previous coiling highs (denied possible bear div ), 5 year Bullish Divergence 2015-2020

Weekly TF

- MA’s
SMA50 bull cross with SMA100 & SMA200 occurred 1 month ago
SMA100 touching bull cross with SMA200
EMA21 used as support
SMA200 ~360% below price
SMA100 ~380% below price

Daily TF

- MA’s
Since March EMA21 acted as resistance
SMA50 & SMA100 acted as support
SMA200 ~190% below price
SMA100 ~90% below price

- Patterns (Yellows)
2 Ascending wedges back into play after consolidation, one short term one long

- Indicators
Volume - decreasing since Jan yet VA at ATH
RSI - Price between Oversold and Zeroline
MACZ - Bearish divergence played out 70% drop, nearing bullish cross
MACD - Nearing bear cross, past 7 yrs highs

Hourly TF

- Ma’s
EMA21 & SMA50 recent Bear cross yet both testing as support after month Long resistance
SMA100 & SMA200 acting as resistance
SMA100 & EMA21 coiling up for bull cross
SMA200 ~30% above price
SMA100 ~3% above price

- Indicators
Volume - Dieing this week, VA back to pre 2021 bullrun lows
RSI - Price at midline, Blue line has been steadily climbing signaling a reversal
MACZ - Bull cross occurred, slight bullish divergence
MACD - Coiled until Jan, had first, second, and third higher swings, now coiling again
SQZMOM - possible bull div w/ hidden bear div


Market cap $700k

Together, the two plan to concentrate electric vehicle battery development efforts on research and development into Hemp batteries.
According to the article, hemp batteries have been found to be ultra-fast, high-volume and labeled as “supercapacitors” by researchers. In addition to hemp’s capacity to produce fast, powerful batteries, hemp batteries can be made for a thousandth of the price. The effectiveness and power of a hemp battery, according to the research, can be attributed to the hemp fiber structure, which has a high surface area making it conducive to being a supercapacitor.
the Cannabidiol ( CBD ) Market size exceeded USD 2.8 billion in 2019 and is set to grow at around 52.7% CAGR between 2020 and 2026, with the glo bal market valuation for CBD crossing $89 billion by 2026. 

MODUSAI.co is making the skeleton, $IQST and $ALYI are creating the batteries, screens, and body components, they contract/partner every other part needed for the final product. 2k bikes are set to be delivered to Kenya by July. Aside that, 200 prototypes are already preordered.

Wholesale the 2k order is $10k per bike = $20 million. Plus $2 million in preorders. The market cap of ALYI isn’t even above $1M. This would contribute to a pretty bullish P/S ratio, even after expenses are covered.

The boda boda business could become the second largest mode of employment in Uganda after agriculture, according to a 2013 report by the Pan-African banking group Standard Bank. In Kenya, the industry generates $4 million daily, according to the Motorcycle Assembly Association of Kenya.

- Affordable transportational systems in the developing and emerging economic continent of Africa.
- DHL has capitalized on international shippings yet they use gas burning motorbikes, the electric motorcycle won’t only be used for retail but also industrial
- Targeting Fedex Subcontractors
- With an economy with so much room to expand such as Eastern Africa, an transportional economic drive is desirable

iQSTEL ( mkt . cap $100M) made LOI agreement to develop a proprietary electric battery

Ethereum Blockchain partitioned ICO underway and with a IOT partnership with an up and coming leading edge Telecom/Fiber Optic Network/5G technology service provider like IQST spearheading the development of unique interface communication solutions to exclusively retrofit their e-vehicles operating environments sheeesh!