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short imo


If you are shorting AMC right now you might as well just burn your money.
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@mindreedah might as well just give the money to me. 🤑
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@mindreedah, you're going to see a lot of this now, just like people who ran down GME and still are. They missed the boat and start saying "now's your chance to get out of AMC". I listened to that crap about GME when I started early this year. Missed nice money. I am not into repeating these mistakes. We have to mentally prepare for a very sharp drop too, then those people will also say "told you so". At that time, load MORE AMC.
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terahwarren90 ArtfulDodger1974
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gencollado ArtfulDodger1974
@ArtfulDodger1974, A lot of hedgies are paying people to write FUD about $AMC. They look for people with high influence and followers.
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@gencollado, LOL yes the article the other day "run don't walk from AMC" that was another sure sign to buy. These people can only fool the weak minded sheep that believe everything they see on channels like CNBoomerC. That said, it does concern me a bit Cramer seems to be on board all of a sudden. I guess so he can say later he was right? I don't want that kind of support frankly but oh well, on the plus, more will buy because of that.
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KernelForbin ArtfulDodger1974
@ArtfulDodger1974, He just follows the trends and talks about whatever he is told to talk about...he is just a character on a tv show, as fake and empty as any character on tv. In the case of AMC, any pub is good pub, so I like that he is talking about it, regardless of what comes out of that giant bald dome peice.
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ALL4411 mindreedah
@mindreedah, yeah that true
34 then 55 then 88 then 145
shorting this will be painful. i would stay away from AMC if you aren't buying it.

just imo
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Hahaha...how much did Kenny pay you to post this nonsense? Please do, please dump a bunch of money into short positions tomorrow. Then come post your P/L next week.
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