NYSE:AMC   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
AMC has been pumped by everyone lets face it. The insiders have been selling ,but you never see that in the hourly You Tube videos? What about the large gaps below don't think they will not be filled. I can see AMC trading at the $35 area next week. There is a small gap down from Friday that might be filled at open Tuesday. Other than that I don't see some huge enough 4th of July turn out. People want to be outdoors, at the beach, mud bogging 4 wheelers, and not to mention the past year of indoor avoiding the plague. This is just my idea and my trade I am not a financial advisor.
Comment: Will she fill the gap at $50 tomorrow are go to the mid 30's?
Comment: Can we see $57.00 are mid 30's tomorrow? Up day thanks to filling a gap and back testing a support also GME is back testing support. Lots of people getting paid tomorrow and it to will be waisted on junk stonks.
Comment: Consolidated Friday and could go either way. Pay day Friday means buying AMC on Monday will it be enough? I covered Friday and will wait to see what happens. If any one is interested I'm buying 1000 dollar calls on TSLA.
Comment: I will be moving on I'm not going short next week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJtoWqrP...


A bullish contracting triangle is still intact though the potential wave E low 51.05 was violated, the focus now is 47.77 as wave E, only a break of wave C 39.71 would mean the triangle concept is wrong, in rare occurrences wave E can violate C but considering how large this potential 4th wave is compared to wave 2, a break of 39.71 would be bearish. Though Friday's 47.77 low can be E. any low above 39.71 would suffice. E waves often are called prematurely as is the case here, they are inherently the trickiest part of a triangle, and can themselves develop into a triangle within the larger triangle.
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@pechi123, Yes a bit early I have a habit of that in life. There is a lot more than that I am factoring into it. It had some very good news today that I didn't expect. Maybe we bounce tomorrow maybe Tray gets everyone fired up again are maybe its going to fill the gaps first. I've seen a guy pull a Fibonacci Chart on Dogecoin back in May just as a joke.
totally wrong, just look to the volume , has been decreasing , soon the demand will supper the offer , and the price will fly
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@Chris_Mn, Videos and news everywhere about AMC and she is fading fast. Year to date she flew over 2250% and was up over 3500% at one time. I see that you are young and there is a saying what goes up must come down. This is not NORMAL take your profits.
@Chris_Mn, u were the one that was wrong
Guys, look you have a stock that is way way over valued. You need to take your money and run. How many of you have even gone to a AMC movie lately? This is not a normal market and you will not have enough $$$ to stop it when starts to tank and trust me it will.
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LOL what a weak analysis, AMC is skyrocket wait for it.
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darkside1082 THEREAL50LOT
@THEREAL50LOT, I thought it was a theater sorry about that. At this point I call the Stock Market the Gap Up Market. I just see a lot and I mean a lot of hype. There is a real risk of a Flash Crash and I really don't think there is much longer to wait. I just don't want you guys in at the top. We are human and we learn the hard way most of the time.
@darkside1082 FUD alert 🚨
darkside1082 overallboss
@overallboss, What is this a joke? I'm trying to warn people on here. This entire Stock Market is a Dogecoin in the $0.60's you will see.
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