Is this the end of the Feds Pump & Dump?

The media and CORP bond market are apparently not effected by the news of the Fed planning to start selling their CORP bonds since purchases began in Mar 20.

The correlation between the FED corp bond buying and mega cap stretched valuations.

The entire market is overbought if you look at the S&P 500 P/E, Forward P/E maps .

  • Covid is not going away. You think anti-vaxxers were bad before the pandemic?
  • Inflation AMEX:RINF .
  • Micheal Burry is Shorting again.
  • Rise of the MEME stocks. There really should be an ETF for these.
  • Hedge funds looking to Archegos each other.
  • Corp. Cyber Security breaches and Ransomware growth.
  • China trying to change their world image.
  • Billionaires are racing to build rockets to get off the planet.
  • Billions lost in crypto bubble.
  • Housing market looking like a bubble again (Canada ready to pop).
  • California is one forest fire & tax hike away from being hell.
Comment: FED kicking the can down the road. Micheal Burry tweets Markets are a Speculative Bubble. He is usually early. Will update idea in august.