AMZN 4 Month Consolidation Cycle, Breakout Soon But Which Way?

We all know by now the market as a whole is in for a correction to include some of the Major S & P 500 players such as AMZN . Daily on the Left and Weekly on the right, You can see on the Weekly chart the Bands are constricting and each week the price is slipping lower and lower and we have now falling below the middle bb. Price action will break down soon and fast, key levels to watch are the $3000 and $2800 range, Which will give a 10% correction. Anything below the $2800 leaves AMZN into a free fall down to $2200, which I highly doubt but who knows.
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Do you you think it will go south with earnings just around the corner and if it does do you think it will recover? I ask because im in a bad position and have to figure out if I
just hold forever or sell.