arb went down so hard also the first one to get fukd
firstly token unlock
scnd btc down trend
but it held yestrday giving a ray of hope
and look at the daily candle it printed
same shit happened during 23 jan
it was in down trend going down as hard as it can
btc looked way oversold
i thought 59 was the bottom
maybe there will be a flash crash to fill 59k orders or not
but so far arb$ looks good
macd giving a reversal sign
just one more daily green candle closing above 1.74 and i will long this bastrd
i m targeting 2.25 back
if the week closes green
then we r def going up
1.95 is our major resistance
have to flip it into support only then we move to 2.5
fomc unchanged rates
btc goes 4k straight up
now on the verge of breaking down trend with the next 4 hrly candle
if things goes straight like this we just might be getting ready for next leg up
before halving one last rally a new all time high for btc and then cool off period
alts will going for their recoveries of previous bull cycle
people will flip the f out after watching alts fly
mainstream enters
and btc starts another rally probably midsommar
hV TO close this day above 1.7413
then we go back up
watta crazy week
btc dumping again looks like a price revisit on weekly
we might visit 59k or 58k as everyone is expecting since we broke down from ath
grayscale is dumping and bulls r letting them
once they r done they will take control freely and there will be nothing but green candles
wat does this has to do with arb$ or any other alts
well btc dominance has still not broken its trendline
so another leg up for alts is still stuck becuase of btc

1.8 $ was actually a rebound it did hit my sl
but i know we will be back again by the next week or end of this month
btc will once again close monthly with a green candle

and b4 halving will move to another ath before cooling off for coming months or so
arb$ currently trading in a very specific area i.e 1.76 to 1.55
trading in this zone is not a good idea
also the weekly is about to close in less than 12 hrs
there will be crazy volume this evening as monday is approaching
macd is still printing faded red candles
there is still no sign of reversal
but i m hoping the monthly will close above 1.8$
ARB$ is back up from the bottom
arb/btc chart looking ready to explode any day
macd giving sign of reversal
we just might make it to 2.4$ by the end of this month
1.755 is perfect entry to long
w has formed and next resistance is at 1.9
that's a good opportunity
ah fukin hell
4hr rsi oversold dumped more than i could imagine
arb$ is getting fukd over nd over
this is the only one that didn't recover much
whilst most of the tokens recovered more than half
btc is just messing with alts
fukin btc.d
we are 1 or 2 days away from macd reversal
i hope we don't go down again
daily rsi is looking good
monthly is going to close soon
we move forward in coming days that's all we can hope for
we r geting closer to macd reversal and rsi still looks good {daily time frame}
i hope so
new monthly means volume we may retest 2 to 2.4 might break it but this time is different because etf changed the game
1.8 turned out to be lvl 3 resistance
arb/btc chart hints to 1.4 as bottom
There's a chance of big move ahead as april is coming and we might move one leg up before halving
btc broke out of bull flag
signalling for daily macd reversal

So arb $ fooled me maybe you too
so far arb is moving in this triangle
a potential move of 15 to 20% seems imminent now
Daily is one candle away from printing macd reversal
we may test 1.95 to 2.1 $ soon
hope we do that before 10th of april
Arb is the biggest dissapointment so far
when every other crypto recovered from their bottoms
This mf didn't
a price visit to 1.44 before moving upside is still possible
longing this mf before 1.8 is just a bad idea
sitting at 4b market cap at present this will take more than half a billion volume to revisit 2$ if it moves back to 1.45 to 1.4 range
And that doesn't seems like happening anytime soon
Even though the daily RSI is and macd are pointing for reversal i just don't get it why it's behaving like Cardano from previous bull cycle
This is Eth {BETA} and this should get good upside movement even if its just lil pumps but seeing this go down everyday makes want to scream at arb {LOL}
well how do i say this
there's no better way but to say it straight
Weekly is cooked bad If this weekly doesn't end up in green or doge we will confirm a bad cross over on the weekly macd
plus given the halving coming those who don't know lemme tell u that the day halving is complete miners take profits and sell the fuk out of bitcoin and it keeps happening till they r out of it mostly
that time is horrible and good in both way kind of like a 2 side of coin story
some alts go the fuk out to make new all time highs and some just sit or drown and float and so on

That's just a lil story which most likely should happen
But given the etf change i don't know for sure whether it will happen this month last week or end of this month or who knows whether institutions will let that happen that is a max pain down town to 50k which every body is expecting
IT can go to 45 44k as a fake out shakeout type

THats all btc shit
now to arb$
the daily macd is forcing for a crossover to come
rsi can take few dumps but that will be okay bcz mostly macd reversing will mean we go up leaving a little poop behind (as going up pooping lil bit again nd again)
The pattern here
its currently in a downtrend bearish triangle which will make it retest 1.44
But what i think is it might be possible that we break downwards move a lil sideways and boom to the uphill (that's what i think of the 2 scenarios)
The other scenario is breaking the trend straightaway forward with a good dic* candle to 1.78 or 1.8

Will further update the idea when the day and month and weekly closes
well there u go
arb also broke the weekly wick pf previous candle
couldn't be more bearish now
looks like we will be consolidating now but there's still hope because we haven't topped out on btc
which could happen before halving {that's what we all r hoping for}
daily rsi fukd
weekly macd and rsi very fukd {only a btc breaking the barrier of 71500 can save us}

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