ARCH on the Move!!!!

NYSE:ARCH   Arch Resources, Inc
Hey Guys, here with a quick idea, but does not mean this idea is meaningless.

ARCH has amazing fundamentals. Do your own DD but I promise they're fantastic

Huge uptrend, 0.5 retractment, rising 5-Day MA, and positive ichimoku are looking good for this stock. Profit target of 114. Likely route is that it hits the top, retracts a little, then continues on to 114. My drawing does not represent the time-frame I think it will take, just the route that's probably likely. Could just blow by 100 or never get past it, that's why you set stop losses. If it gets past 100 though, that huge psychological barrier break will cause some major movement.

Keep this one in mind, I'm doing an April option on it, $100 Call.

If it hits 114 two months from now, 200% Profit.

Do your own DD, I'm not licensed and am not responsible for losses.

Any questions,
Leave them down below