NASDAQ:ATHX   Athersys, Inc
This one, though seemingly violent at times, has followed a complete and natural ABC Correction (as well as a proper ABC within each of these legs as well, broken down above) after a big first leg up. Expectations for a strong 3rd wave - C Wave up (abCde) are growing by the day. As you can see, the resistance that has been hit multiple times since April has finally been breached and we are sitting right on top of that trend at the moment with a small bullish pennant forming in the scope of a large pennant overall.

Time will tell if this soars, but a decision should be happening quickly. Keep an eye on this one.

Do not take as financial advice as this is merely for viewing.
Comment: Back in the triangle, this one doesn't want to leave the quicksand. Potential for a WXYXZ -