NASDAQ:ATVI   Activision Blizzard, Inc
This stock has been crushed recently, but there’s a good chance it’ll do something interesting now, that is near a support level , and it is apparently oversold.

We have a congestion in the 30min, and some breakpoints ATVI must break, like the 92.08 and the 92.74. If ATVI breaks these points, we might see it bouncing to the 94s again.

The 91.50s seems to be a support for ATVI , but if it loses the 90.88, then is can just keep dropping to the 88 and close the gap.

The RSI is oversold, but this is not a buy yet, and we must wait for more confirmation. The problem is that ATVI is not reacting quickly like it did last time it hit the 87s, when the RSI was around the same level it was today, and this is something that can ruin our thesis.

Anyway, ATVI is interesting at 92 and 88, so, we should keep an eye on it!

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Agreed--ATVI is interesting, and I like this idea. The $88 level is where I have sought to enter. Always something else with a little more potential though. I'll probably swing this next time the price touches $88.
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@Doc_B, TY! I wish the best of luck to u, mate! ;)
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Doc_B UnknownUnicorn21312077
@UnknownUnicorn21312077, Thanks! Best to you, too!
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Got it at 90.80 will buy the dip if it gets to 88 or roll buy more if it gets to 92$
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@Lsvgstaylor6, Yes, that's a good plan! Hopefully it'll bounce to the 88 soon!
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