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Finally I have my position established in what I am hoping will take my bankroll to frankly unheralded levels.

It's been a bit torrid buying into this, as the interest is SO STRONG it gives up little on the draw downs and only for very short periods. Being tight with Limit bids has not worked for Me.

I was on to this early at around 2c but foolishly day traded a large position of 222K shares for a whopping profit of $888 !!

Wow! Had I held and done nothing I'd be sitting on $42K from a $4K Investment since March ! OMG ! Yes thats right $38 k profit vs 888 lousy bux ! Oh well... an expensive lesson that one. Onwards and upwards.

Hoping to rectify my mistake I attempted to get in mega cheap and I put a large lowball bid in at 1c hoping to snag the bargain of a lifetime during the March lows. I watched it go as low as 1.3c and still didn't pull the Trigger...pathetic tightwad....and from there, it just ran away and then BOOM Maiden JORC Release as I expected - Phenomenal.

Moral of the Story some stocks are SO HOT they don't follow the normal rules one may be accustomed to, draw downs, FIB levels etc., doubt.... so when you KNOW, like really know inside, that you have found El Dorado, do not faff about hoping to save a few pithy fractions of cents, PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER MAN!

EPILOGUE: I now have a respectable position but at many cost multiples of what could have been...aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!

Good news followed, more good news on top of that. The experienced and proven Management raised $30 Million in a placement in a blink of an eye and 320 sq kms in a Tier One Gold Producing region in Canada has now its entire initial drilling program funded.Operating costs the lot. (Targets included below)

No Debt. Not a cent.

Camp's already built. $300 Mill of underground infrastructure already in place in functional condition. All the cores from previous owners intact, VISIBLE GOLD in the cores like I've NEVER seen!!!

Multiple Lodes .Open in all directions. 17KM of Strike length.

Abandoned since 1966 when Gold was $35, Pickle Crow has had ZERO exploration done with modern methods since 1966 !!! ...Ha! Its a GOLDEN DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Goldman and other early sharks are ALL OVER IT. Putting in phenomenal buys as soon as the number of shares become available at their preferred prices $110 K, $90K, $80 K, $60K. Consistently huge bids. Multiple bids @ $11K, 22K so someone is building a serious position.

The Course of Sales is telling and highly unusual, my read is the Investment Banks are underwriting the probability of significantly higher share prices as a result of very highly likely upgrades to Resources and has been factored into their massive daily purchases.

This leads Me to believe that a projected DCF has been done and it shows AUT:ASX is ridiculously undervalued to the probabilistic projection. Even the current JORC Resource equates to Billions at current AU prices yet Market Cap is only $354 Million. The project is significantly de-risked and the Investment Banks/Hedge Funds smell a WINNER HERE as do I.

The Story is just eye popping. The grades and intersections are mind blowing. Two or three more Resource upgrades I expect this will be well over $1 per share.

Here are the FACTS, enjoy..

Maiden JORC Resource of 830,000oz at 11.6 g/t
gold at Pickle Crow Gold Project, Canada

Drilling program to grow this Resource already well underway, with
mineralisation open in every direction and numerous walk-up targets to test


• Independent Maiden JORC 2012 Inferred Resource for the Pickle Crow Gold Project Mine is 830,000oz
at 11.6 g/t.
• Resource runs from the surface immediately adjacent to existing underground and surface
infrastructure; Mineralisation remains open along strike and at depth.
• Pickle Crow produced 1.5Moz at 16 g/t2 up to its closure in 1966, when the gold price was ~US$35/oz;
Limited significant exploration has been conducted since.
• Drill program underway with nine holes completed; a second diamond drill rig is mobilising to site to
expedite resource growth and test multiple walk-up targets.
• Visual inspection of the initial drill intersections validates the geological interpretation with significant
mineralisation, veining, and visual gold intercepted (refer to Appendix A-Table 2). Assays are pending.
• Numerous high-grade targets identified since acquisition; anticipated to be drilled in 2020.
• Scope for rapid resource growth, with intersections outside Resource estimate including (refer to
Appendix A-Table 1):

o 10.7m @ 50.9g/t gold - Vein 13 (hole 3-4-179)
o 1.1m @ 150.0g/t gold - Vein 13 (hole PC99-12)
o 6.9m @ 17.7g/t gold - Vein 2 Footwall (hole 3-2-112)
o 1.5m @ 444.4 g/t gold – Vein 22 (hole PC-11-251)
o 2m @ 69.1 g/t gold - Vein 22 (hole PC-12-253)
o 0.9m @ 878.7 g/t gold – Vein 23 (hole PC-14-283)


• Resources are from surface and are adjacent to existing underground mine development and
• Mineralisation is open on all lodes along strike and at depth.
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• Drill intercepts within the Maiden Resource Estimate include: 1
o 13.1m @ 43.3 g/t gold from 530.35m
o 7.6m @ 8.2 g/t gold from 492.5m
o 2.8m @ 11.2 g/t gold from 547.67m
o 5.0m @ 9.1 g/t gold from 102m
o 3.9m @ 17.4 g/t gold from 200m
o 3.2m @ 134.3 g/t gold from 1139.8m

Extensional drill holes outside current Inferred Resource (refer Figure 8 and Appendix A, table 1):

Vein 13 Target:
• 10.7m @ 50.9g/t gold from 5.49m in 3-4-179
• 1.1m @ 150.0g/t gold from 156.5m in PC99-12
Vein 2 Footwall Vein Target:
• 1.7m @ 55.5 g/t gold from 91.29m in 744-14
• 6.9m @ 17.7g/t gold from 1.83m in 3-2-112
Vein 3 Target:
• 1.2m @ 103.4g/t gold from 20.24m in 744-24
Vein 22 and 23 Targets:
• 1.5m @ 444.4 g/t gold from 22.65m (includes 0.5m @
1325.7g/t gold from 23.65m) in PC-11-251
• 2m @ 69.1 g/t gold from 23.7m in PC-12-253
• 0.9m @ 878.7 g/t gold from 65.89m in PC-14-283
• 9.9m @ 12.9 g/t gold from 66.2m in PC-14-284
Vein 9 Target:
• 2.6m @ 78.8 g/t gold from 37.08m in 2200-1-22-55
• 1.2m @ 79.5 g/t gold from 104.8m in 4-38-41
• 2.2m @ 37.6 g/t gold from 117.43m in 4-38-42

Multiple under-explored, walk-up, near-mine targets in the 320km2 of tenure including (refer to
ASX announcement 26 March 2020):

o Springer Shaft Target: 1.7m @ 36.6 g/t gold from 15.1m in CPSH-88-01
o F Vein Target: 4.6m @ 9.3 g/t gold from 27.1m in CP-88-92
o SW Powder house Target: 6.1m @ 7.3 g/t gold from 86.6m in PL04-26
o East Pat Shear: 6.0m @ 7.7 g/t gold from 232m in PC-10-145

Evolution's powerhouse, Red Lake Gold are close neighbours to the Tenement and have produced 27 Million Ozs @ +20 g/t. Thats HUGE!

I only see blue sky for AUT given the wider Macro dynamics afoot.

The Chart shows eye watering price action and I expect it to return to the 1:1 (value vs time) tangent on the Gann fan with the next announcement due any time now.

The indicators look great particularly the MACD. With a sustained period well above the 0' bear line'.

The RSI has been overbought for so long now, I've never seen such a phenomena. It just wont come down and tells the story of sustained buying pressure.

I think the AO is giving a false signal (?) of divergence which I've seen increasingly from this indicator on other Charts, so not so concerned about that. Anyway short term blips are nothing when you look at the BIG PICTURE for this Stock which, given the sheer size of the Tenement, has amazingly abundant upside.

The Ichimoku is well above the Cloud and that green expanding mass to the right bodes well for strong support into the future. The Conversion line is actually printing fair value @ 19c - The current price.

If you subscribe to Ichi well that is a signal to get in now and rarely have I seen the Conversion line (dark blue) track the price so faithfully over a sustained period.

Oh and of course that massive initial Breakaway gap...these normally come in 3's. Cant wait to see where the Interim Gap ends up!

This really is a DREAM GROWTH STOCK and offers a very low risk way to leverage booming Gold Prices as FIAT makes its long, slow, painful Death.

One really cant ask for anymore.

If you think this is a ramp good luck to you! This IS THE REAL DEAL !

You know what to do.



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