Boeng Company - Potential Buy on Pull Back

NYSE:BA   Boeing Company (The)
Like many of the Stocks which made their all time high in 2007 then declined into 2009 low in 5 waves making first leg down Wave "(A)" are since retracing Wave "(B)" up and due to general positive market condition could make deep retracement or even overshoot 2007 high in expanded Flat. Boeing is also from 2009 low has completed what I believe is Wave "A" high in May 2011 which was an "abc Zigzag ). Therefore from the Sept 2011 low we are in process of forming Wave "B". In this cycle we have completed Wave (a) high in May 2012 @ $76, with retracement low Wave (b) in October 2012. As Wave (a) had minor 5 waves we would expect Wave (c) to have 5 waves too. From the chart I think we are in wave 3 and there for potential but around $80 could be for short term swing with possible target around 82 83. The on subsequent pull back to around 80 I think a better opportunity could be offered as it would confirm our analysis and then the potential target of completion of wave 5 and overall cycle up could be around 90 and in the event of expanded flat referred to above could go retest the 2007 high or make marginal new high before possibly entering new down (BEAR) cycle. For helping to appreciate what that might mean, I will post a monthly chart below in a moment


BA still going strong :)
Update; It made new high on March 11, 2013.
DanV jmtbernardo
I understand. When I published the chart the objective was to recognise that it is in an up trend that the current move may not be over, In fact it may continue higher still, but now one would have known that. Instead I outlined an entry on pull back of some 38.2% Fib or similar of the current swing which is minor wave iii. Then that trade would be potential for wave v and hence to exit the trade near the top as there would be bit more deeper retracement. When you are monitoring the the live price, you could make personal decision based on what you analyse at the time. But I am expecting a retracement and it is then I would be interested in the price. But thanks for letting me know. At least we have recognise that it is in clear up trend and over intermediate term there upside potential.
It was just notification. I still have to learn how to use FIB and waves techniques properly. I usually just draw on the chart the resistance,and support lines.
Here is the Monthly chart of the same. Details cramped but only showing the concept of what to expect once we have the current retracement with possible high around $90 later this year or early 2014