BINANCE:BATUSD   Basic Attention Token / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
It says it all in the title and in the charts.

On the BAT chart to the left, were on the 3W that means BAT has been in this triangle from its existence up until the last alt season when it broke it and shot to $1.7

BTC fell and dropped everything with it and thus came the fall back to $0. 40 ; you can see that the fall touched the triangle and confirmed its existence with a push up.

The coin to the right, came out near the end of 2020, UNI doesn't have the "strength" that BAT has b/c it hasn't existed in the space as long as BAT (I AM NOT SLANDERING UNI )

As we can see the break of the triangle shot it right to the 3rd Fibonacci top, UNI has major people behind them and they have placed themselves very well to take over the market, that's why its possible for UNI to do it so fast

lets take a min and check on the Fibonacci tops comparing the two

BAT: 131% - $0. 40 to $1 (from the top of the triangle to Fib 1)
UNI: 54% - $4.4 to $6.7 (from last retrace to Fib 1)

BAT: 819% - $1 to $9.5 (from Fib 1 to Fib 2)
UNI: 155% - $6.8 to $17.5 (from Fib 1 to Fib 2)

BAT: 8,268% - $1 to $83 (from Fib 1 to Fib 3)
UNI: 560% - $6.7 to $44.6 (from Fib 1 to Fib 3)

BATBTC has been in a long downtrend but for the past few weeks its been placing it self very well in the middle. time will only tell with this chart.

See I know it seams insane, BAT @ $83 but all I'm doing here is sharing facts, the major difference between these two coins are (like i stated above) the life time of the coins.
BAT never dropped under top 100 coins its been always a high pick on my list but nobody ever gave it the time of day....
Do your own research on this project. I'm only sharing my views charts wise

as we have seen in charts as BNB, once a major break of trend happens it blows up

lets say coin A was stuck in a trend for 2 years and coin B was stuck in a trend for 100 days (the same exact trend)
once it breaks out who will jump higher?

obviously coin A because its been stuck for longer meaning it has to blow off steam...... it never has!!!

Coin A= BAT
Coin B= UNI

Goodluck trading
I haven't been more bullish in my life
Sincerely, Jack Strainer