LONG BAT breakout: Wait for Confirmation

florasora Updated   
KRAKEN:BATUSD   Basic Attention Token
Be this a true diamond pattern, or a simple breakout from accumulation, you'd better keep your eyes peeled on BAT for the next 0-96 hours.
Judging by the month+ accumulation BAT has had, and other various long-term patterns showing strength on the BATBTC and BATUSD charts, you definitely do not want to sleep on BAT.

Trend is your friend regardless. It's going to be hard to lose money this bullrun. Be patient, lay your traps, wait for the charts to explode. Bull markets are easy game. ETH is the rising tide that lifts all altcoin ships. BAT happens to be one of the safer altcoins considering its market cap, its seductive low price for new investors, and its business emphasis on accumulating millions of daily and monthly users on the Brave platform.

Could be one of the most explosive alts this year, and this may be the first burst it needs to get it truly started.

Time frame: 2 hours - 1 year from now, LONG can give you profits in the short term, medium term, and ultra-long term. For ultra long-term bets, use platforms like COMP and AAVE. Tired of gas fees? Try MATIC's platform perhaps. Otherwise? Wait for Ethereum's Optimism update in the London hardfork this summer, 2021.

Stay safe out there, manage your risk. I advise people financially, but I am not YOUR financial advisor.
LONG confirmed.
People seem to be taking profit at the previous area of accumulation, from 1.50-1.60 USD.
Short term, feel free to reap profits at these areas. Congrats on a 5% trade! There is still room for profit. Last price target is 1.68 for this pattern. After that happens, look to longer-term patterns for context.
Personally? I am holding BAT until it starts making MASSIVE moves day after day. ETA, 1-8 months from now. I expect BAT to reach a minimum of 6 USD this year, with room for growth up to 20-40 USD per BAT. I am observing various social platforms and watching how people discuss BAT. If BAT starts making 5-20% gains day after day for weeks on end, I will consider taking some profits. Yes, a 6x on BAT is conservative for this bullrun.

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