6 Months of BAT - An Increase in Value

KRAKEN:BATUSD   Basic Attention Token / U. S. Dollar
The Basic Attention Token can be seen to have visibly increased in value over a 6 month period.

This may be due to:

- The anticipated launch of the Brave search engine
- The Brave Rewards Programme
- An increase in the Brave Browser user base

According to Brave, this token is a crypto asset for the "the new internet economy".

This coin is relevant to the digital advertising industry.

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I like what I am seeing with the Brave Wallet. Swaps and BAT incentives sound very promising. Team has proven to execute ahead of the curve where it counts.
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@PabloHablo Indeed.
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BAT will shine in the future...Now it is undervalued as hell. Let's go to $10 and more!
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@kalbolog Yes. The supply is capped at 1.5 billion while other coins have significantly larger supplies.
PabloHablo calculations
@calculations, especially undervalued now. Perfect time to get in on discount.
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