BAX/USDT Potential Path to Upside w/ Grid Trading Bot Params

REMARKS: Been trading and accumulating BAX for a couple months now since 0.00004 and admittedly in the beginning I was only interested in the short term swing trading for this coin. But over the last couple of weeks and the more I researched into this project, the more I came to shift my mindset to medium/long term with the idea I'd stumbled upon one of those microcap gems and was able to get in early on. Recently in the past couple of days with the overall market rebound and impulse up with BAX I hit the Kucoin Grid Trading Bot top ten leaderboards rank number 2. Price action has since cooled down and I believe things are ready to make another move up and so I thought I'd share my bot parameters for anyone that is interested alongside what I see as a potential path to the upside in the near term. Big mobile app redesign impending and upgrades to the network incorporating new features/services for better interoperability and adoption.

SHORT GRID: (High Number of Arbitrages w/ Less % Profit per, Overall More Grid Profits, Less Float Profits, Potential for Going Over on Grid)
Low: 0.0008
High: 0.0022
Trades: 100

MID GRID: (Decent Number of Arbitrages w/ Good % Profit per, Overall Decent Grid Profits, Overall Good Float Profits, Good for Long Running and Only at Risk for Going Over on Grid if Coin Moons)
Low: 0.0008
High: 0.0036
Trades: 100

LONG GRID: (Low Number of Arbitrages w/ High % Profit per, Overall Low Grid Profits, Highest Float Profits, Good for Very Long Running and Ideal for Set It Forget It Check Periodically Without Worry)
Low: 0.0008
High: 0.006
Trades: 100

- 6am-8am CST Hot Bull Trading (5%-15% Gain)
- 1045am-230pm CST Lunch Time Lull Pullback (5% Loss)
- 3pm-530pm CST Asian Market Wakeup (5%-10% Gain)
- 10pm-1130pm CST After Hours Run (5% Gain)

- 6am-8am CST Hot Dump on Your Chest Trading (5%-15% Loss)
- 1045am-230pm CST Lunch Time Lull Buying of Morning Dips (0%-5% Gain)
- 3pm-530pm CST Asian Market Wakeup Oh Fuck We Selling? (5%-10% Loss)
- 10pm-1130pm CST After Hours Is it Safe Yet Buying of Afternoon Dips (0%-5% Gain)

For the past few months, we have been working towards the stability of the platform and the efficiency of the app. Thanks to all our user’s feedback we keep improving our product every day.
So, what’s going to happen now that we won’t be focusing on fundraising? Our team have been relentlessly working on the new features of the app, and we are making sure these will be ready as soon as possible. We will be concentrating our efforts towards the following features: P2P payments and Multi-tokenised FIAT. It’s very exciting to think that we will be putting all of our efforts towards the new banking features and that we are making steady progress towards our goals.

We have been teasing this new slick design for some time now but hasn’t been implemented due to the upcoming changes to the app. We wanted to make sure the platform’s stability is at the highest standard before making any major changes to the look and feel of the Babb App.

The future looks thrilling, and we are very looking forward to it! For the next quarter we will be working on some cool things we would like to share with you:
- We will be testing our new services, as well as improve the conversion facility.✅
- The app size will be compacted (so we keep the app as effective as we can for users with old generation smartphones).✅
- We will be phasing out the Fundraising section and make a few design changes to the app.✅
- We will be adding Multi-tokenised wallets.✅
- We will be testing the integration of tokenised FIAT to Blockchain ( ERC-20 , Solana, Algorand, Stellar , etc).✅