BINANCE:BCDBTC   Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin
BCD still respecting the previous ABC corrective wave pattern. Seems to have found a nice upwards trend line .

Could be looking at a bullish break out.

Targets based on previous areas of resistance.

Comment: Looks like BCD just hit the first target!
Comment: Hit the second target!


hello, could we hope for a short term recovery?
@AnoirI, I don't expect much in the short term.

As long as BTC is dropping, coins like BCD are gonna drop a lot harder.

It's found support multiple times near 0.00008575.

If it drops further 0.00006990 would be an area you'd expect to find support.
AnoirI variousCryptos
@variousCryptos, hello, can you do a scan?
thank you
You are hero 💪.. great analysis
@khashman, Thanks! I set a sell at the second level and made out like a bandit. Hope you hit on it too!